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Sep 1, 2014
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Just got Pokemon Essentials for XP. What could possibly go wrong? Feb 6, 2014

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Sep 1, 2014
    1. Deep Thought
      Deep Thought
      Just got Pokemon Essentials for XP. What could possibly go wrong?
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      2. Deep Thought
      3. Darr123
        I didn't like it. But I don't like XP altogether so that's probably why. My pokemon game for Ace is coming along fantastically though.
        Feb 6, 2014
      4. Deep Thought
        Deep Thought
        I'm too poor for VX (and I don't like its graphical style and mechanics), so Essentials is all I've got.
        Feb 6, 2014
    2. Deep Thought
      Deep Thought
      Giving Spore: Galactic Adventures a try. Maybe making missions will help with my RPG writing and design skills. Granted, they're two completely different genres, but any source of inspiration/guidance is helpful.
    3. Deep Thought
      Deep Thought
      Drat and double drat! Who has been messing with my photo?!
    4. Deep Thought
      Deep Thought
      I may be a bit of a masochist, but I love games/parts of games that try to kill you every single moment you play, akin to Tomb of Horrors. Have there been any notable RPG Maker games (Easy mode: CRPGs) with that constant feeling of impending doom?
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      2. Frostyfirefly
        My game's is a bit like that, but it's still far from completed.
        Dec 10, 2013
      3. Darkanine
        You went left in a fork instead of right? Game over.
        Dec 10, 2013
      4. Frostyfirefly
        Yes Darkanine, and the worst part is when you reload, go left, and it's game over too!
        Dec 10, 2013
    5. Deep Thought
      Deep Thought
      Is it wrong to develop game development rules when you've never finished developing a game before?
      1. Matseb2611
        I don't think it's wrong. It's nice to have rules of thumb that you can apply in your work, and of course as you develop more, you should expect those rules to change and evolve.
        Oct 7, 2013
      2. Lunarea
        I think I would word it as "things I've learned" rather than "rules", though. You can learn at any point in game development - whether you've completed a game or not. But rules (to me at least) are things that are proven to be true over the completion of many games.

        Just my 2 cents. :)
        Oct 7, 2013
      3. Scythuz
        IMO I would go for the word principles rather than rules. Principles change overtime whereas rules are much more static things.
        Oct 8, 2013
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    My Personal Game Development Maxims

    Maxim 1: If you cannot explain your game's basic plot to a complete stranger in under 3 minutes, then the plot is too complex.

    Maxim 2: The primary "action" of the game should begin no more than 10 minutes after pressing START.

    Maxim 3: The primary villain should be no stupider than the intended audience.

    Maxim 4: The primary hero should be no smarter than the intended audience.

    Maxim 5: The hero's primary love interest (assuming there is one) should have a legitimate use aside from "party/plot ballast".

    Maxim 6: No matter how beautiful and deep your gameworld is, someone will try to speedrun it.

    Maxim 7: Never operate under the assumption that the audience will want a sequel.

    Maxim 8: Never operate under the assumption that your game's plot and/or mechanics are entirely new and unprecedented.

    Maxim 9: Never tell the audience everything you know.

    Maxim 10: Never tell the audience everything they need to know at the very beginning of the game.

    Maxim 11: If you encounter brainstorming issues, stimulate the brain by stimulating the body. Laziness is the bane of creativity.

    Maxim 12: When in doubt, explain your development issues to a rubber ducky.

    Maxim 13: Fantasy is a genre, not an excuse.

    Maxim 14: Realism should enhance beauty, not stifle it.

    Maxim 15: Never force the player character to find a temporary solution to a cyclical problem.

    Maxim 16: The fourth wall should be a one-way mirror: the characters may be aware that a mirror exists, and they may even know that someone is behind that mirror, but they must not see who or what is behind it.

    Maxim 17: A poorly written plot is like a black hole: it cannot be escaped, it cannot be destroyed, and to an outside observer, the seed of conflict within never appears to change state.

    Maxim 18: Our Universe is not only expanding, but its rate of expansion is accelerating. So it is with a progressive storyline; the plot points not only become further removed from the origin, but the rate and distance at which they propagate increases as the climax is approached. In layman's terms: The game's plot should speed up and get crazier as it goes on.

    Maxim 19: What is the proper way for a story to end? To expand so quickly as to become unrecognizable? To recoil on itself and crunch back to an origin? To cool, decay, and achieve heat-death? To destroyed only by the trumpet call of the creator? There is no one answer.

    Maxim 20: What is the difference between running an independent game company and running a brothel? The answer is simple: A brothel ultimately turns a profit.

    And most importantly:

    Maxim X: No matter how much you add or subtract from a game, the audience will always find something to complain about.