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  • Just got Pokemon Essentials for XP. What could possibly go wrong?
    Giving Spore: Galactic Adventures a try. Maybe making missions will help with my RPG writing and design skills. Granted, they're two completely different genres, but any source of inspiration/guidance is helpful.
    I may be a bit of a masochist, but I love games/parts of games that try to kill you every single moment you play, akin to Tomb of Horrors. Have there been any notable RPG Maker games (Easy mode: CRPGs) with that constant feeling of impending doom?
    Is it wrong to develop game development rules when you've never finished developing a game before?
    I don't think it's wrong. It's nice to have rules of thumb that you can apply in your work, and of course as you develop more, you should expect those rules to change and evolve.
    I think I would word it as "things I've learned" rather than "rules", though. You can learn at any point in game development - whether you've completed a game or not. But rules (to me at least) are things that are proven to be true over the completion of many games.

    Just my 2 cents. :)
    IMO I would go for the word principles rather than rules. Principles change overtime whereas rules are much more static things.
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--- Currency ---

Hero: This city cannot accept Gold to buy the items.
Merchant: You can exchange Gold into TC,depending the rate of TC this time.
Hero: Really? Then,i want to exchange 999999999G.
Merchant: Let's see……Wait a second,are you Cheating again?
Hero: Hell No!!! I earn it with myself!!!
There's always a time when you're super excited to create something but you already have no energy left. :I
I think of all the effects in my game, the light passing through fog has got to be my favorite....

...Also I spent all day trying to figure out how I had suddenly messed it up and made it start dropping frames like crazy. So I had all day to look at it... mocking me... with it's previous 60fps reduced to 30fps... At least it's fixed now.
Dalph wrote on slimmmeiske2's profile.
Slimmm, we should team one day and make "Reid in Wonderland" or "Aluxes in boots".

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