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  1. Felskis Skilltree Plugin

    That's amazing. Thank you so much mate!
  2. Felskis Skilltree Plugin

    I have noticed that if you enable skill descriptions, exclusively the skill description gets eaten by the right side of the window again. This isn't a big deal at all for me, I can just write the skill descriptions in the node description itself, but just thought you would like to know it. This...
  3. Felskis Skilltree Plugin

    That's fantastic, thank you so much <3
  4. Felskis Skilltree Plugin

    Hello, First of all, this is a fantastic plugin and I'm very thankful to you for creating it. I have run into some issues while building my skilltree that I couldn't find the solution to, I am sorry if these were asked already. 1) I have set up an animation for the whole skilltree and...

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