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    Divination Dragon Quest Style

    This is my first request. I usually try figure this out myself rather then ask for help, but I am burned out right now trying to figure this out and working on another part of the project. I am not a long time user of rpg maker mv so pardon my ignorance on if I don't know much about the program...
  2. demantis

    IMPORTANT! People that have been using Kaus's "Asteria Tileset" DO NOT USE IT!!

    Well I thank you for this information considering I was testing the tiles to put in my maps.
  3. demantis

    Young Sprite Fishing with fishing line. Animated!

    Ah this is a nice replacement for my old vx fishing guy. Thank you for the share.
  4. demantis

    RPG maker MV emotions faces set from Palxan and Verdibona

    These are very nice face sets. Thanks for sharing them.
  5. demantis

    The Free Archives (Formerly Animations Archive)

    These are very nice. Thank you for the upload and shared work.
  6. demantis

    Bar/Jail door RTP edit

    Thanks for these. I had did a edit for my ace double door but it wasn't animated. Least now I wont have to convert my ace one over and now a bonus animated door.
  7. demantis

    PH - Warehouse/Storage

    Love the plugin great work. Thanks again for the sharing your plugins.
  8. demantis

    McSundae's Battle Transition Fix

    Hey thanks for this plugin. Works like a charm and fixed what I needed done.
  9. demantis

    A stylized pirate ship for MV!

    This is awsome. Thanks for sharing it. This ship is nicer then the one I have for ace that I added to mv.
  10. demantis

    Ark Save Engine 2.5.1 FINAL + Addons

    Thanks for sharing this plugin. I like the fact that we can delete the saved game without having to go into our folder and delete the file. I also like how it shows the map. Keep up the good work.
  11. demantis

    PH - Sprite Reflection

    Nice plugin and thank you for sharing it.

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