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    Game & Map Screenshots 7

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    Power Master 1: A Strange Journey

    Just in case you were unaware, youve uploaded your whole project, including all the files used + the .proj files
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    What are you tired of seeing in RPG Maker games?

    Trying out some more games in the completed games section.. The lack of testing that is done after finishing a game. It is very obvious with certain games that the author didn't even play through the first 5 minutes of their own game, because there's a game breaking bug that doesn't allow you to...
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    What are you tired of seeing in RPG Maker games?

    First of all, he has the right to voice his opinion as much as you have to right to. Second of all, the right to voice your opinion doesn't mean everyone's forced to agree or even listen to it in the first place.
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    Can automapping be really as good as parallax mapping?

    everything you have said about parallax mapping in this thread is entirely based on your own assumptions. Making your first few maps especially if you have no editing software experience will take you some more time, but once you get used to it you get a lot quicker and more efficient at it. I...
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    Is it Cheating?

    I would be surprised if it didn't, there must be some limitation.
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    Is it Cheating?

    All the mapping issues can honestly be solved by using parallax mapping, which in my opinion should start being the norm. With each passing day the RTP starts becoming duller and duller.
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    Do you prefer longer or shorter detailed story plots?

    It genuinely doesn't matter as long as your story is good. A bad story is going to be disliked either way.
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    Game & Map Screenshots 7

    It looks good on first sight but you're mixing different styles here. All your placed objects including the trees don't fit with the terrain. Try getting more washed out and slightly bigger objects.
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    Harbingers of Woe

    I redownloaded it and it's working properly now ^^
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    Harbingers of Woe

    Game freezes for ~3 seconds about every ~7 seconds. I don't have this issue with any other RPG maker game so it's nothing on my side.
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    How do you feel about LGBT characters in games?

    Politics in my video games is the last thing I'd ever want, which is unfortunately appearing in increasing numbers. I probably wouldn't even notice it if you don't pour all the attention into that LGBT character. This thread is not a good start to that.
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    Game & Map Screenshots 7

    I may not be an expert in thermodynamics but I don't think a furnace next to a fully frozen wall would work that well.
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    Confusion regarding mapping.

    >I made 20 maps completely in parallax >I don't know what layers mean or which scripts to use something doesn't sound quite right here as for the question, there is only one script you need for parallax mapping, and that is a tile lock script so the parallax picture displays properly in-game...
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    Game & Map Screenshots 7

    @PandaMaru absof-inglutely magnificent

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