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  • Hi was just reading a topic you made about Grid free Doo Dads and you had the same problem I am having right now , when I start the game the faces don't appear but they do appear once you open and close the menu one time , I just wanted to ask did you ever find a fix for this ?
    Tea's Jams
    Tea's Jams
    That bug has trolled Drifty during his let's make a game series too, he still hasn't figured out how to fix it.
    Please remember not to use Status Updates to ask Support questions, that is not their purpose. Also, a half decent explanation (if there had been one) could not fit into the character limits of Updates. Always post a thread in the relevant section.
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I was away this days here in the forum but it was for a good cause!
The trailer of the demo of Luke Inn is on youtube and I am so happy!
I need to see the bugs of the game but I am happy that I have new content to show!

The last part of the modern interior will be ready soon. This will be a B-tile. With interior items for the kitchen, bathroom, toilet and storage room.
This frantic shooting ARPG plugin for MZ looks really great. Here is the link to a post from the official Japanese RPG Maker forum.
We start in 5 minutes!

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