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    Auto-shadows are the worst. I guess a plugin is nice to remove them, but I'd much rather just have the option of turning off the automatic application of them in the editor, so I don't have to edit my map with them getting in the way.
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    Compared to most other data storage (I'm looking at you, XML!) JSON is very human readable. It's one of the best things to come out of JavaScript. Seeing it used directly by MV is super exciting since it means MV might not use binary files to store everything. It might not happen, ​but it would...
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    This almost perfectly describes a game I'm planning (minus only steampunk). Admittedly, it only fits because of time travel, but it still counts!
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    -CONTEST OVER- Help us come up with a new tagline!

    RPG Maker MV: "So powerful, you can even build your own tagline"
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    -CONTEST OVER- Help us come up with a new tagline!

    RPG Maker MV: "Maybe make a game or something?"
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    What kind of plugins/scripts are you looking forward to?

    Careful, this is JavaScript. Let's play it safe and go with "Battle system" === difficult.
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    Seeing as how it's not the simulated buttons that many mobile ports use, how will running work with touch controls? I'm curious to see what sort of support we get for adding functionalities. I often like to include extra buttons for things like a map button, and a reset puzzle button. Perhaps...
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    Today. Today is a good day.

    Today. Today is a good day.
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    I'm give up! Your appelation is technical monkey!

    I'm give up! Your appelation is technical monkey!
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    Will you stop using VX altogether?

    I originally picked VX over XP because of performance. What I really wanted was something in between. Ace managed to pretty much do that (with exceptions, like XP's superior mapping). However, while Ace versus XP is debatable, Ace clearly beats VX. It's causing me to remake all my projects in...
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    How to Add Files to Ace's Generator

    I did a quick test, but it looks like you are indeed limited to the chibi sprites. It entirely clipped off the the bottom region of the sprite. It did, however, accept the larger sprite without complaining. It could be possible to use larger sprites, but you'd have to make it in multiple...
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    How to Add Files to Ace's Generator

    So, are the dimensions set? As in, are we stuck with the chibi characters, or is there a way to get sprites to be two tiles high each?
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    RMVXAce Tips and Tricks

    I'd like more information about how shif mappings passibility works. Based on what I've toyed around with, tt seems like if it can be used correctly, it might be extremely powerful for easy mapping.
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    Mapping in five easy steps

    I tend to prefer smaller interiors for a number of reasons. It's just an opinion, so I'm not saying you're wrong or anything. But yeah, I like my interiors closer to the size of the exterior because it helps me better shape the inside. The main reason though, is that large interiors tend to...
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    Mapping in five easy steps

    Something I'd like to add if you don't mind is that the interior of a building or cave, should match with the exterior. Rectagular buildings look bad on the inside, so if you make a complex building, the facade should reflect this. If you have two stories, the outside should be much taller. If...

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