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  1. Yanfly Doodad Modification

    It depends on the filename of the transformation doodad. The default transformer I put in the download is named "transform;Tree D,Tree C.png", wich means means change all files in the area named Tree D to Tree C (the doodads have to be in the same folder for it to work, in this case the world...
  2. Yanfly Doodad Modification

    Edit: Sorry for empty post
  3. RMMV [Solved] Yanfly Custom Item Requirements Problem

    I have finally found a rather hacky way of getting what I want: I let my script give the actors an invisible hunger state whenever their hunger is above 0. (This of course gets checked everytime hunger changes) Now i make every food item remove the hunger state (with a 0% chance), meaning the...
  4. RMMV [Solved] Yanfly Custom Item Requirements Problem

    I made two custon (javascript) conditions, one with selection control like you said and after that i tried one with target eval. I made both log something to the console everytime it runs. They both only output something when in a battle, but not in the menu screen. This would mean it does not...
  5. RMMV Item use requirements menu screen

    Every actor has their own hunger variable. They are tecnically seperate global variables and their positioning is relative to the actor id.
  6. Yanfly Doodad Modification

    Maybe some of you guys abuse yanfly doodads to spam the whole map and find it very difficult to delete old doodads. That's why I created this program. It makes you easily delete or change the image of yanfly doodads. You just place Command doodads like regular doodads and after that you run the...
  7. RMMV Item use requirements menu screen

    I basically already tried this, the problem is, that when i use Item Requirements in the menu screen the plugin always selects the first actor of my party as the one the item is used at. The requirement code (i did it with custom requirements) is actually run before I select a target for the...
  8. RMMV Item use requirements menu screen

    I am trying to create a food system for my MV RPG. I made food items to decrease the characters' hunger on the menu screen. However I haven't found any plugin that works in the menu screen that makes items usable on characters on script conditions (if hunger is greater than 0). There are some...
  9. RMMV [Solved] Yanfly Custom Item Requirements Problem

    Selection Control looks good at first, but it seems like it only runs when in a battle, so it unfortunately I still run into the same problem.
  10. RMMV [Solved] Yanfly Custom Item Requirements Problem

    Hello, I am trying to create a food system for my MV RPG. I made food items to decrease the characters' hunger on the menu screen, however when I use the battler variable (which should in theory point to the character selected) it always points to the first actor of the party. My itme...

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