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  1. [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    okay thanks kilitar for the information.....I appreciate the help
  2. [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    Hello Yanfly I am trying to use your YEP_PartySystem and use a common event that changes the max party members to 5 (normally 4), then summon a extra character, I'm using a common event that activates when I activate a skill *Plugin Command : ChangePartyMax 5 *Change Party Member : Add joe...
  3. Thalzon's Battlers and Faces

    how about a power ranger or crayon monster set...... i know kinda random but army of crayons would be awesome, a power ranger like set would also be fun for a comedy like scene/game thanks if you do decide to do something like these
  4. Plot and Character Feedback

    This is my general idea: It starts out with a background story where strange beings were thrown out of a portal to a new world. These beings were not human they looked human but they had magic abilities, which only animals can harness. The humans of this world started calling them demons. The...
  5. Ratio of plot/optional areas

    im kinda new at this myself. i have been working on one game where the side quests will either unlock other side quests that will either help unlock their "legendary weapons", or unlock 5 secret characters, i trying to throw the more humoris jokes there to make the quests less boring, im also...
  6. snow maps

    interesting idea, might save time making games, you can download other maps and do research on how they built there maps....

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