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  1. RMMV Looking for ABS plugin

    Hello, I've a question about combat system. At first, I was looking for a system like in "Zelda old games". I found some ABS plugin made by MOGhunter and PheonixKageDesu. Actually, I'm more interested in MOG's plugin. I listened to a lot of guide on Youtube but I couldn't find what I was...
  2. RMMV Looking for combat system

    Hello, yeah I am trying to use this plugin and I find it quite difficult. I guess I need more practice in RPGM and getting more use to it. I never learnt how to code in any language so I am kind of new to this world. But I'm trying. Have a nice day! :)
  3. RMMV Looking for combat system

    Thank you ShadowDragon for your opinion. I know that it is not that simple. I understand that as a beginner I need to improve from the bottom and be realistic. In fact I was trying to make something different from the classical RPGM games mechanic. I am aware of how much time it takes to setup...
  4. RMMV Looking for combat system

    Thank you for the fast reply. I'll look forward to it.
  5. RMMV Looking for combat system

    Hello, I am new to rpgmaker and I'm just starting to create my first game. I already tried some Yanfly's plugin and some basic mechanic but I couldn't find how to change the combat system. I'm looking for a Combat system like the one in "Tales of symphonia". I already played some RPGM with this...
  6. RMMV Is there a way to freely animate a skill ?

    Okey, got it. Gonna try it when I'm home. Thank you for your answers and sorry for the wrong thread.
  7. RMMV Is there a way to freely animate a skill ?

    Hello, What I meant is that I want my character to perform a movement like jumping in the air, spinning in the air and landing on the target in battle. Is there a plugin or something that already exists ? Thank you.

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