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    Why is RPG Maker so hard to use without relying on pre-existing projects?

    We learn by doing. I wasn't given a handbook on this language. I just played around (and broke a lot of stuff doing so). Technically, RPGMaker (any) 'Can' have unlimited variables... just now how you think. We're all used to having the Game_Variable class store variables from 1 to 999... So...
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    How to include RTP in game?

    Well... you could copy and paste your entire RTP package into your project... Yeeesh Or you can be selective and find the RTP graphics and audio that your project uses and paste those into your project. The latter would be more preferable so the end user does not rely on downloading the RTP...
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    Strange floor tile behaviour

    PokeMon Essentials was yanked. Nintendo slapped that group down hard. And with it's warez status, I think you just killed your support in this thread.
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    won't pop up on my Windows XP

    First... is this a query for RPGMaker XP or RPGMaker 2003. Asking this first because it appears RPGMaker 2003 is your system of preference. Second... is this a query about not being able to start the Editor or running a game with the Game.Exe? Please be more specific in your request. Any...
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    Enemy Challenge for Experience

    Enemy Challenge for Experience Version: 1.0 Introduction Tired of letting gamers grind away hours fighting weaker monsters so they can level themselves up? Do you want to make sure they may only increase their character's levels by fighting monsters tough enough to give them a real threat...
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    Character FPS

    *Sigh* Wrong linkie... sorry. There. HOWEVER... The download link in the post is hosted by RPG Palace. Why it has Mewsterus's name in the link..? Dunno.
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    Using RPXP on PC's with no admin rights

    Okay, I'm going to assume that your issue is not a the Game Engine, but you are unable to open the Game EDITOR... that which makes your game. And it is claiming that it cannot detect the RTP. If you did not install the RTP, this would be understandable. When Installing the RPGMaker XP RTP...
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    Character FPS

    Hey Jaiden, citruskoala found an old one... 2007 I remember this one when HBGames used to go by RMXP.Org. I wasn't keen on its 'event trigger' handling though. I hope you're familiar with the RMXP SDK. Hey, citruskoala. Congrats on actually spelling his name right, CK. I just kept calling...
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    Commercial System Package

    BUMP! to Version 1.2 A revision. An explanation. For those who had been wishing to make games for those with systems other than WIndows, the OS Detect feature does function properly. However, this collection uses featured dependent upon the Win32API and until now would crash if the games or...
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    Lani's Locks and Keys

    BUMP to Version 1.2 For Lani's Locks and Keys and to Version 1.1 For Lani's Keypads Thanks given to Kyonides-Arkanthes for locating three areas that could cause problems, though not readily apparent with RPGMaker XP in general. Such thanks also requires that his name also be included in the...
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    Dual/Triple Tech script

    Consider this. If Aluxes, Basil, Gloria and Hilda's combined skills create a Hellfire Typhoon Blades attack, but Aluxes's and Hilda's combined skills make Flaming Swords attack, Gloria's and Basil's combined skills makes Holy Kick (good against ghosts), and Aluxes's and Gloria's skills makes...
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    XAS: Keeping Enemies From Fading Away (SOLVED)

    Yep. In RPGMaker XP, the bulk of the collapse system was within a more-hidden RPG::Sprite class. Since RPGMaker VX, the RPG::Sprite class was renamed Sprite_Base and thrown into the visible Scripts Library. Still, that version of collapse is used for the battlers in the battlesystem. What Mog...
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    Commercial System Package

    TIME FOR A BUMP! Ladies and gentlemen, I received information from Pelip that the UserPath module within the package did not function on some PCs. Given the error, it appeared that their systems did not contain a registry entry for the Application Path that has been common from Windows XP...
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    XAS: Keeping Enemies From Fading Away (SOLVED)

    This is within the first method you posted. It is the collapse system that makes enemies fade out when in battle. And here, Mog made a default duration for the collapse to be 120 ... frames? I guess 2 seconds. :tongue: Wanna have fun and make the collapse set to 1? That'll make them flash...
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    XAS: Keeping Enemies From Fading Away (SOLVED)

    Sounds more like a Script Request that belongs within the RGSS3 Scripts (RMVX Ace) board instead of merely support. A title like "XAS ABS Lootable Body Request" might be more direct and to the point. But be thorough in your request. As I suggest, a time limit might be a good option for your...

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