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    Skipping Window_MenuActor

    Hi everyone! I've been making a game in which only one actor does the fighting (the others are there for removing natural obstacles, just like in for example Evoland 2 for those who have played that). As such, I have no need for Window_MenuActor, a menu which let's players choose on which actor...
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    Core Error?

    This was originally a different question, but I resolved that one on my own, so that's why the title is off. Hi everyone, My face graphic isn't appearing on the menu status screen. I'm using Yanfly's Main Menu Manager and SumRndmDde's Menu Status Customizer. Any ideas?
  3. DetBlueMask

    Quasi ABS

    @Queue I got this error and have no idea how to fix it. Help? Also, this error usually goes along with the character suddenly being stuck with direction fix. I use SumRndmDde's Character Creator plugin, maybe that's an issue?
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    ABS, Character Creator and Agro

    Here you go. I didn't even think of using the console (I never used it before).
  5. DetBlueMask

    ABS, Character Creator and Agro

    So I'm making a game using Quasi's ABS-plugin and SumRndmDde's Character Creator-plugin. They're both great plugins and I'd love to continue using them, but a bug keeps popping up. This bug is about the "removeAgro" portion of the Quasi ABS-plugin and only occurs when I'm using a custom...
  6. DetBlueMask

    All tiles suddenly impassable?!

    How stupid of me! I changed that to run some tests, but forgot to change it back after discarding the plans I wanted to use it for! Thanks a bunch!
  7. DetBlueMask

    All tiles suddenly impassable?!

    Hi, I stopped working on a project the other day. Testing was fine. I start it again today and suddenly the player character and events can no longer pass through any tile, like all of them have been set to X, or impassable, in the tileset-database (which they haven't, I checked). I also...
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    Event occurring without an event present?

    It wasn't a common event, but in the screenshots, you can see a transfer of EV007. That's where it went wrong. EV007 isn't the horse, but instead a wholly different event. Thanks for the help!
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    Event occurring without an event present?

    Hi, This may be a bug, I don't know. Anyway, there is one particular spot in my map which acts like a Player Touch - Below Characters event, but there is no event there. What happens is, when you step on the space, the Silence balloon appears over the player and makes the player side-step to...
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    Jumping Vehicles?

    Yeah, I've done so now. I meant I had the sprite already.
  11. DetBlueMask

    Jumping Vehicles?

    I already made a sprite of that and had the vehicle image change, but thanks for the help anyway.
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    Newbie technical Questions

    Not sure how you mean the fourth question, but can't you just add a "Show Animation" command between two lines of text? Changing and moving portraits could be done if you use "Show Picture" instead of the ordinary portrait. This will look different from the usual, so you might want to tweak the...
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    Jumping Vehicles?

    Yeah, I guess that's a better idea. Detour, here I come! Thanks for the input guys!
  14. DetBlueMask

    Jumping Vehicles?

    Know of any plugin of the kind?
  15. DetBlueMask

    Jumping Vehicles?

    I'm trying to have my character ride a horse and jump over obstacles using the moveroute jump command, but the command isn't producing the typical "hopping" animation when riding a vehicle and instead just "rams right through" the obstacle. I'm using Karberus' "Simple Land Vehicle" and Galv's...

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