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  1. What do you think about references to drugs in games?

    Plenty of us "stoners" live completely fulfilling lives, work hard all day at our jobs, raise families, put our kids through college, are active politically, don't raid the fridge every time we have a puff or two, and don't sit around on our couch all day going "duuuude my hands are so big...

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Here's a medical question for ya: Why do I start lightly coughing after I drink coffee?
Well, someone "reviewed" my game. Didn't credit me anywhere in the video and spent 2 minutes insulting it. Going to ignore that and move on.
To cut down on map lag, I've been researching how to implement a lighting layer as a single map overlay instead of a bunch of individual lights. Hopefully I'll have a screenshot soon!
Imagine having a game broken up into a whole bunch of chapters? Like Chapter 11 should be about the party members going bankrupt.
Over 1/4th of the calendars are already out :eek: Have you already put something to a good use?

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