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    Is RPG Maker 2000 still worth it? Do 2k games run on Win 10? EULA?

    What about the engine? Let's say I could read the RM2K Database Window and Event Command texts and modify them on the fly, just using the software without actually editing the source code, would that be illegal? The idea would be to allow a translation for the developer in some commonly used...
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    RMMV Input Timing Plugin for RPG Maker MV

    So it's likely that I spent months hitting the attack key over and over again thinking it was working when I decided to play FFIV to FFVI. :kaoswt2:
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    "RTP is required to play"

    You're right, this will affect the developer and the project. I made an incoherent explanation. I'm going to edit and leave only as an option on how it guides whoever has already downloaded the game.
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    "RTP is required to play"

    Hello! This is an optional solution. Make a copy of your project folder. Copy the RTP folders into your project's copy folder: RTP Files: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\RPGVXAce\rtp Inside the copy folder edit Game.ini: (Merely illustrative image, I took two images I found on...
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    RMMV Input Timing Plugin for RPG Maker MV

    I really love Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars. But I think this system already existed in previous JRPGs like Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. A graphic precision, like a bar would be interesting. But it would be optional:
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    How do I stopped a 'control: timer stop' event from triggering?

    Hi again, I think I can work with the images, but it would be better to see the project through the editor. :kaoswt2: I think I get it, you put the events with the same Switch, something that will clearly conflict with each other. Time 1 will happen and time 00:00 will also happen because both...
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    RMMV How do I make the link open in Google Chrome?

    I could do this through CSS, editing the index.html directly, but it would be difficult for the user to modify it for their project. I found a free plugin, but the author never posted it here, which leads me to believe there might be something wrong, so I won't put the link.
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    RMMV How do I make the link open in Google Chrome?

    A tip, to tag someone just use the @ followed by the nickname. I have never used this plugin, most of my systems are made by Events. Do you intend to make buttons on the screen?
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    〚Solved〛Blue Magic - Learn enemy spell (without being targeted by it)

    Hello! Try this: Good luck
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    RMMV How do I make the link open in Google Chrome?

    It is a platform that comes native with the game, allowing you to do several things, like creating Save files in a folder, something that a standard browser cannot. o_O Just to remember the game is practically a browser similar to Chrome, so it uses Javascript. :smile: In the search I found it...
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    Camera character (player) lock

    Hello! Create maps where the ends cannot be accessed. Like placing water or walls, on the sides it must have at least 9 tiles and on the top and bottom 7. Good luck.
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    RMMV How do I make the link open in Google Chrome?

    You can do this with NW.js. But is it to open Chrome or the user's default browser? Because for example I use Firefox, other people use Tor or Opera.
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    RMMV Draw a line from one event to another, and toggle them on and off.

    Glad I could help. If you want to make the radius come out from a higher point, subtract some value from the Y variables: ◆Control Variables:#0011 X-Player = Screen X of Player ◆Control Variables:#0012 Y-Player = Screen Y of Player ◆Control Variables:#0012 Y-Player -= 8 ◆Control...
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    How do I stopped a 'control: timer stop' event from triggering?

    To be honest, you showed the pages of 2 different events, and they all use the same Switch. The best thing would be for you to copy this part of your game to a new project and send it via a sharing service: Google Drive, Mediafire, Dropbox, OneDrive, etc.

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