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    [SOLVED]Restoring some % of HP\MP

    Wow! It's really works! Thanx!) I tried something like that But that doesn't work at all. Thank all of you guys for answers!
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    Adding bonus damage to an attack if the target is poisoned.

    If I want to make smth like that I'll just add Option to Skill (Change Def\MDef to *n* point) or (add Weakness to phys.\mag. atk)
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    [SOLVED]Restoring some % of HP\MP

    Hi there. I have a little problem. Will be pleasured if you help me. I have an event on map, which must restore 25% Actor's Max HP\MP, but in Event Options I found only "Restore All". If I try to "Change HP" it's changing max hp points of actor. I have a Hp potion which restore 25% of Max...

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