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  1. Extra Menu Window

    ah i see. Once again great explanation:) helped a ton an very detailed thank you thank you! been playing around with the options i now have thanks to you:) i have it set so that there is a main display pic an when a new status effect pops up it over lays on top of the default one.
  2. Extra Menu Window

    Sweet just rewrote it as you suggested:) was playing around with it some more but can't seem to get another option in there say i have 4 pics instead of 2 can you only have one if and else?
  3. Extra Menu Window

    OMG your awesome thanks it worked:) kinda been a learning experience here since i'm a nub at scripting just know a few basic things but been wondering the method for pic in script now i know thanks to you thanks again!! :) Edit: quick question:) how would i change the picture if a switch gets...
  4. Extra Menu Window

    i figured it out had to disable the gold menu function so it wasn't tied to that window and edit the window base to enlarge it a bit to show 6 things:) seriously though great script been looking everywhere for something that shows in the menu an could track variables now here's a question:) is...
  5. Extra Menu Window

    Great script i have been looking for something like this for ever:) but curious is there anyway to keep the gold window where its at an say i wanna move the extra menu stuff to the mid of my screen?
  6. Help?:) Show graphics in menu with picture

    Hey everyone first post not sure if this is the right place to post but yeah:)... But let me just say im using a simple one actor script that replaces the actors face display when you open the menu to show a large picture of the character anywhere you want from the pictures folder and another...

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