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    Post Your Music

    @ Iron Croc: Love the movement of this piece, can imagine wandering around a town with this in the background. @ MsLittlefish: Very nice opening theme, great use of the instruments, especially since you said you haven't used them much before! Perhaps try and emphasise the '1 ' beat a bit more...
  2. diamond16

    How about a music challenge?

    Well it looks like there's a demand for the competition and we have several options for determining a winner, shall we organise something for August? :)
  3. diamond16

    How about a music challenge?

    With the previous contests I've been involved with, the winner of the previous contest would choose the theme of the next contest and be the sole judge of all of the entries.  It works well mostly although there are sometimes instances where the judge's favourite wasn't the people's choice and...
  4. diamond16

    How about a music challenge?

    I would definitely take part in and even help organise a monthly music challenge.  I've been involved in the challenges on the Adventure Game Studio forums and on the TIGsource forums. I like working under time constraints and other limitations every now and then, I find it pushes me out of my...
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    Can anyone recommend me a good music software for free?

    With most of those programs you can just Save As and select midi as the file type you want.  In Sibelius, I use the Export function.
  6. diamond16

    Extracting Instrumentals?

    Have you tried finding the karaoke version of the song you want to sing? That will give you a reasonably decent version of the song without any lyrics to remove.
  7. diamond16

    Can anyone recommend me a good music software for free?

    I second Clydous' suggestion, Reaper is great.  I used it for about a week when Cubase decided it didn't want to work for me with a deadline looming. Audacity is another good free program for recording and converting files into different file types. For notation programs, I love Sibelius 7 for...
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    Is There a Music Maker in the Style of WarioWare: D.I.Y.?

    Do you read music? If so,  there are some really good notation programmes on the web: I recommend Noteworthy Composer or if you want something that is completely free, then try MuseScore. I teach music and these are some of the free online tools that I use with my students to get them composing...
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    Flipped Music

    Happy to help! If anyone would like to use this piece in their game, just PM me :-)
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    Flipped Music

    Here's what I've come up with.  I've reversed the melody and used different instruments to give it a darker tone.  Let me know what you think!
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    Flipped Music

    If you're still looking for somebody to do the inversion for you, give me a PM :)
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    Post Your Music

    Very relaxing and I like how it becomes a bit more menacing when the flute joins in at around the 1'20 mark.  Perhaps in the bass you could add more movement, so rather than playing the 1 every time, you could go 1, 5, 1, 5 to add more interest?
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    ReStaff August 2013 Release!

    I really enjoyed contributing to something that so many people put so much talent and effort into. Looking forward to contributing more music in the coming months :)
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    Post Your Music

    Really cool compositions, I particularly liked the haunted graveyard piece. Really eerie, creepy sounds, nice work on the Cecilia stuff! I liked your Going on a Ship Adventure piece.
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    Offended when someone asks you to pay

    I've done this a few times where someone has requested songs for their game. I offer two rates, exclusive (more expensive) and non-exclusive.  In both cases, the client gets music tailored specifically to their game, but if they have bought non-exclusive then I can sell the track again.  As...

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