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    Ahh thank you!!  Michiru Yamane is one of my all-time favorites...  The comparison is very...

    Ahh thank you!!  Michiru Yamane is one of my all-time favorites...  The comparison is very flattering, thank you! ^^
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    Royalty-Free Music by Dibur (Composer for Yandere Simulator, Koruldia & more)

    Update 2/21/2016: I've added a new music pack, Horror Music Pack - "Chelsea" to my library of royalty-free audio packs!  This free music pack contains 11 tracks from Yurei Darling's RPG Maker horror game, "Chelsea".  This game's soundtrack was inspired in part by Akira Yamaoka's work on the...
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    Royalty-Free Music by Dibur (Composer for Yandere Simulator, Koruldia & more)

    Thanks!  I actually started out mostly on RPG Maker projects such as Koruldia, before making music for Yandere Simulator \o\
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    Lhuvia Sprite Template

    This is a gorgeous template!  I love this height/scale for RPG sprites!  Sent you a PM~
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    Royalty-Free Music by Dibur (Composer for Yandere Simulator, Koruldia & more)

    Hi hi!  My name is Dibur, and I'm a composer who has done music work for games like Yandere Simulator, Koruldia, Chelsea, and more~ Though I've primarily been doing commission work so far, by recommendation of some friends I decided to start releasing some royalty-free stock music tracks!  I...
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    Hello! ♥

    awww yeah (((o(*゚▽゚*)o))) Welcome to the forums, my other half~~~
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    Resource Encryption in RM2k3?

    Pardon if this has been addressed already, but I haven't been able to find any info on this yet.  A lot of graphic resource packs' EULAs require that the user encrypts the resource(s) when releasing a game, whether commercial or non-commercial.  Last I recall, RM2k3 doesn't have any sort of...
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    RPG Maker 2003 - Now Available

    I've waited years for this, just bought myself a copy on Steam! :)   The initial news reached me after I'd had quite a bit of rum, so I had to do a double-take to make sure this was real XD but lo and behold!!!
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    Post Your Music

    Aw snap, new Schematist tunes 8)  and thanks for the kind words.  You know that comparing my work to Sakuraba will automatically put me in a good mood any day of the week LOL Very nice work on Skyscrapers.  It's almost got a Persona-esque vibe to it.  I'm really digging the rhodes (or whatever...
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    Post Your Music

    Finally got around to listening to some tracks 8) @tylerrywill - I think you have a great ear for ambience/atmosphere, as well as orchestral arrangement.  Your strings sound very rich.  So far, "Finding the Portal" is one of your more interesting tunes to me, as it has a very cinematic feel...
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    Hi! Sort of new here~

    Thanks for the warm welcomes everyone!  I've seen a lot of talented fellow musicians around here, which is super exciting. My current favorite form of potato is potato croquette. ^Q^
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    Post Your Music

    Hi music wizards!  I'm a composer and I'm new here, so I guess naturally I'm gravitating to the musician crowd.  Just perusing some of the works in this thread, I've already found lots of awesome work...  I will most definitely browse through everyone's work when I have a bit of free time, and I...
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    Hi! Sort of new here~

    Hello RPG Maker aficionados!  I've been lurking around here and there for a while and figured it's about time I actually get involved with stuff. :) Let's see...  I'm a full-time freelance game musician.  I pretty much live, breathe, and eat music.  Well, that's not true, I also quite like...

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