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    Depending on what you're trying to do. I've done an animation that took me all day for a...

    Depending on what you're trying to do. I've done an animation that took me all day for a ten-second thing and I wanted to pluck out my eyes when I was done. And another time I animated a ten-second thing in about an hour and everything just fell into place.
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    Making Cutscenes "Personal": What Do?

    I adore banter in games, myself. If an RPG had the characters bantering about stuff for hours on end I could actually still play them because otherwise I get a few hours into the grind and just decide I don't have enough time left in my life to go on with grinding. That being said -...
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    Unpopular Opinions: The Thread

    Since a site I write for recently put up a video that I did the script for and I mentioned this game in it, I have to say something. It's an unpopular opinion, but I constrained myself from saying it in the article so here it is... This War of Mine is a crap game. It has no emotional weight to...
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    FREE Testers Needed For Monster Re-Release

    Hey, there. I've been hanging out in the shadows, mostly doing business via PM for a while. :hswt: Yeah, I'm freelancing from home right now so I'll have plenty of free time to return the favor. I'll PM you a link to the page for the file.
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    FREE Testers Needed For Monster Re-Release

    Engine: RPG Maker VXAce (I know, old, right?) Job Synopsis: Monster was originally created in 2014 as a gamejam/competition entry but we have improved upon it since then and after leaving it shelved for some time due to some game breaking bugs caused by our improvements - we finally found...
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    Of the options you gave - you should do Orcs next. That would be a complete opposite of the...

    Of the options you gave - you should do Orcs next. That would be a complete opposite of the Elves one, I'd think, and would a neat composite. If I can add an original idea - Tengu. There's so little mythical Japanese stuff out there, I'll bet that would sell pretty well. A lot of crow and...
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    Alternative Battle Systems

    Wow, Kuro - those are some really neat systems. I definitely like what you've done there. @Theo - Yeah, I've played a few games that use a FTB style system. Or at least a system wherein you can use your units in whatever order you like, even if it's just turn based (Operation Darkness was a...
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    Alternative Battle Systems

    So for one of the projects I'm on we've been discussing using something different than a standard turn-based RPG battle system. And it kind of got me thinking of a two-part question on battle mechanics. 1. What different types of alternative battle systems have you seen that you liked? Me...
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    Judging by the PM I just sent may. :)

    Judging by the PM I just sent may. :)
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    I need help, and curious as to what are some of the struggles you go through in your lives?

    I know it sounds oversimplified, but the tried and true: Don't worry about what other people think. Of course its never that simple, it's the same thing as when people who have never been punched in the back of the head tell you to turn around and walk away from someone who wants to fight you...
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    Visual Novel Maker

    I've noticed that there are a few more screenshots on the Steam page than there were a months or so ago. That always suggests progress for those watching things closely.
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    I generally refer to either situation as a cut-scene for ease of semantics.  Basically any time you take control away from the player and show them a scene, whether using the in-game sprites/models or by bringing up a separate video or such. I like cut scenes as long as they're promoting the...
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    Using a Boulder as a Bridge

    You will probably need to add the boulder to whatever tileset you're using, then, to make it a tile. You can use the sprite on the map as the impassable boulders and use the tile boulder, with pass-through permissions set, for when the boulder is placed in the water. Should work.
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    What do you think about references to drugs in games?

    All that being the case, stoner comedy has multiple levels, too.  For instance Jim Bruer's movie half baked...I didn't find funny. But this scene in Batman Beyond was funny: Drug humor, or drug use within a game, can especially be engaging if both sides of the coin are examined.  For...
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    What do you think about references to drugs in games?

    I could not have said that any more succinctly, myself.

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