Hey there, hi there, ho there, and just how the heck are ya? I'm Diego, the Gaming Gamer Who Games, and welcome to my profile! I'm so very glad you could stop by, and are interested in learning about little ol' me.

First off, I'm married to the most wonderful woman in the entire world, someone who supports me, builds me up, and helps keep me in line. Why she stays with me, I never will know--the gods know I screw up enough, so I'm blessed to have her. We've got a great kid, who also uses VX Ace, and is currently using YouTube tutorials to make her very first game! Proud Papa am I!

Second, I've been around the world a time or two (or ten), doing some things, and some stuff, with various and sundry people. Middle East, Former Soviet Bloc Europe, Northern Africa... Yeah, good times. So uh, yeah. I've seen some things. And some stuff...

I wouldn't recommend it.

Used to play in a band (quite a few, actually), still occasionally pick up an instrument and do things with it and whatnot.

I do the YouTubes. I do the Twitch. Nothing related to anything RPG Maker, to be fair, but I do the things with stuff! Stop out and say "Hi" sometime, help me build my channel!

Generally when I do make games, they have some very... well, odd humor. Odd, dark, black. And the stories tend to have a slightly darker tint to them. I don't do happy very well. The stories I write are what you'd expect from a half-madman like me. Death abounds, not much light--but when it is there, it's all the more precious.

Uh, outside that, go ahead and ask anything you'd like to know. I'm pretty open aboot most things, but do reserve the right to jerk ya around before answering! ;)
Under there...
About Me
Gamer/Maker, YouTuber, Twitch Streamer
First Language
Primarily Uses
Games, Gaming, Music, Musicians, World Building, Character Creation
Clandestine Operations


The above may or may not be influenced by medications and/or alcohol... (i.e. don't blame me if it's bad spelling/incoherent)


July 9, 2011-The Birth of Southern Sudan!
Do not believe in yourself, believe in me, who believes in you!-Courage Wolf paraphrase of Kamina

Hiding won't help you, you see... I control the bullets-I make them go where I want.

A gun's power isn't in it's muzzle velocity or caliber...-Revolver Ocelot





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My computer broke yesterday, so no RPG maker for at least a week until I can get it repaired. :(
Just wanted to share how my game won 1st place in a game jam for itch.io. Everyone else used Unreal, Unity, GMS2, Godot, etc but I used RPG Maker 2003 :guffaw: It just shows that you can create a good game and it doesn't matter which engine you use
if your game is the first (or ONLY) in a series and still has a colon in its title, you are a bad person and I hate you...... jk.

who could ever hate BETWEEN: TWO SOULS?
I want to use a simple animation for a feature of Aletoirs Feast so now I'm touching for the first time the animation system of RM, hope the final result doesn't look too bad hahaha :kaoswt2:

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