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    Orange Time System

    Thank you very much. With this and many other plugins people will be able to make rpg's similar to Skyrim.
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    Orange Time System

    Can this slowly change the coloring to make the lighting seem to change, such as in the morning it would have an orange-ish tint, day would be normal, evening would have a red-ish tint, and night would be a blu-ish purple-ish tint making it appear night
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    Manage Dashing

    I'm wondering, could you expand on this and make so you could disable mouse movement altogether? Also an idea you could do is to make a plugin that can change the controls for those who prefer "WASD" for movement over the arrow keys.
  4. dinomanjj

    SnowMV - Simple Gathering

    This seems to be a great plugin, my only problem is that there is no crafting plugin to go with it yet. Maybe it would be a great idea for you to make one to go with this, or add crafting as a feature with this one.

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