I'm simply a fun-loving guy who loves to draw, write, and play games. I'm focusing on becoming a video game designer, though costs for college seem to be holding me down.

My strengths are writing and mapping, with eventing and spriting at a close second, and at a distant third, scripting, which I have no skill whatsoever with.

I also like to mess with the pitch for different themes. There are so many non-battle themes that come with the game that make an excellent boss theme. Case in point: Dungeon Theme 4 at 100% Pitch.

Current Projects:

Mountain Story (Working Title): 35-45% Completion.

Aether Story (Working Title): ?% Completion

Black Wing: A Mercenary's Tale: 10% Completion

KAIROS: ?% Completion

Alone: 20% Completion

Ideas to play with: (People may use these ideas)

An optional psychotic character that gives money when enemies are killed (Or used as justification for gaining money in battle)

I am interested in a great deal of things. Magic, philosophy, science, and the unfathomable.
I am also a Therianthrope, my theriotypes are Dire Wolf and Dragon.
Nov 16, 1994 (Age: 26)
First Language
Primarily Uses


May the Moon light your path, and the Shadows hide you from your prey.

Posgagen urzefa Posyosriig qidasgesigfe genyouldr Jiikyouldr, gariigig urzefa Sazegaigyouldsa zegesigfe genyould fr'yopos genyouldr jiikrfagen.

Thanks to Avery and Hiddenone for the generator pieces for my profile pic. (Found here: https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/hiddenones-mv-resource-warehouse.47255/)



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