My name is djDarkX, but you can just call me Dark, or dj or even just hey you!

My main focus is on music reproduction, or re-arrangements of other people's music, most notably in the field of JRPG console music from the days of the NES, SNES, Genesis, N64 and some from the Playstation. I don't limit myself to JUST JRPG music as I've done renditions from shmup titles like U.N. Squadron, racing games like Mario Kart Advance, obscure platformers like Ardy Lightfoot and more. I'm not much of an original composer yet, but I'm working on it! I also deal in graphics and used to do minor script edits. Maybe one day when I learn Javascript more, I can make my own scripts that cater to retro game development.

If you visit my site, you'll see what my list of re-arranged and remastered music is, but it doesn't contain EVERYTHING I've done as some of it I can't share, and some I just won't for various reasons.

Commission Status: Unavailable (probably will never happen until I get better at original compositions, but that may change someday)

ReStaff: October 2013

If you want to ask me a question, please PM me. I no longer use Skype, but rather other platforms for communication. They are linked and referenced on my personal website in the About section. If you want to be friendly, talk music or just get to know me better without any ulterior motives, contact me on one of those platforms I currently use with a note about who you are on the forums. You can also email me at for music-related matters! Thanks for stopping by!
Mar 26, 1984 (Age: 36)
Currently unsure...
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Remastering music, mapping, tile editing and creation, munching on great foods, gaming (to an extent) and other things
Being a potato




Yanfly Text Positioning Tool | RPG Maker MV for Linux (for newbies) | Tiled Tutorial (RPG Maker MV Edition)

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RPG Maker XP • RPG Maker VX • RPG Maker VX Ace (Standalone & Steam) • RPG Maker MV (Standalone & Steam)• IG Maker • RPG Maker Season Pass • RPG Maker Fes (3DS Game) • Pixel Game Maker MV
Futuristic Tiles • Modern Day Tiles (Steam) • Old School Modern Tiles 1/2 • RPG Maker DS/DS+ (Resource Pack) • POP! Horror City • RPG Maker Fes (Resource Pack)
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