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    VisuStella Sample Project & MZ Core Plugins

    Yeah there an issue with the latest version of the Battle Engine. Couldn't find what was causing it either. So I just reverted to the last version since I still had it in one of my folders.
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    Man the of new generator clothing for MZ is killing me....especially for males. Wished the MV...

    Man the of new generator clothing for MZ is killing me....especially for males. Wished the MV Trinity Generator was formatted for MZ body.
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    MV Trinity Resource Pack Generator not compatible with MZ

    I can agree on this. Only thing that keeping me from fully using them is the TVD poses in MZ are so much better. Kinda wish the generator would just allow different body base to be used like other parts.
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    How to add max party members in battle for MZ?

    Well if you check the Battle Core Plugin. You will eventually see in the Plugin the mention of "VisuMZ_2_PartySystem". So It may already be in work.
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    VisuStella Sample Project & MZ Core Plugins

    Oh it was. I must had glanced over it. Hmm...that weird so the cause of the error was the Database. Skill Tab. "change maximum" in Skill Tab somehow cause the error. It working fine now. It might be a "Bug" so I might as well report it if it happens again.
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    VisuStella Sample Project & MZ Core Plugins

    Fixed it myself for now. Decided to start and new project and transfer somethings over. That fixed the problem. Now I will know eventually what cause it if it occurs again. Thank for that link. I use it for future references.
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    VisuStella Sample Project & MZ Core Plugins

    Well anyway.... I've already ran into a problem with the Message Core. Was working find til it suddenly gave me the error - "Invalid regular expression: /\b-----????\b/: Nothing to repeat" Still trying to figure out the cause. Just can't seem to figure out if its something I changed in the...
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    RPG Maker MZ, Preview #4: Event List, System Tab Options, New UI, Release Date & Price!

    Yes! A release date. Nice to see auto-save function built in. Great to see a RPG Maker engine finally offer features that should be default features.
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    RPG Maker MZ, Preview #3: Character Generator, Plugin Manager, Event: Plugin Command!

    Nice! Although I do want to know how much default Generator Assets are there. Or if the default all actors, people and evil clothes are available in the generator this time. But overall loving all the improvements. Definitely moving halting my game development on MV.
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    RPG Maker MZ, Preview #2: Graphics, Mapping, Eventing!

    Man it just keep getting better. Loving the Move Route improvement. Hated having to count grid in my head to get the accurate movement I want. And layers are back and Text Box improved with more default assets to work with. Greatness. I am desperate for that release date. :biggrin: Though I do...
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    RPG Maker MZ Preview #1: Music, Battles, Animations!

    Awesome. Finally Active Time Battle for me to use. Although it having the same SE is kinda disappointing.
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    Your Next Adventure Awaits: RPG Maker MZ Trailer #1

    That Generator is amazing. Finally we can adjust the position of the parts.
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    Save points: Yes or no?

    Save Point - In Towns and Dungeons Save Anywhere - On world map. That how I do it. Like every other classic/classic style JRPG. I don't mind them at all but if you're gonna enable the players to save anywhere even when their save point just remove the save point. Offer Heal/Restoring Point.
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    Is it RPG maker community worthy if you take out the RPG Battle part of it?

    I am gonna just say this. If any RPG Maker game is being classified and push as an RPG but doesn't have a Battle System to where you control a cast of character to fight enemies. Then it's not an RPG. RPG with no Battle System. Is like Shooting game with no guns or weapon that shoot.
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    Text Sounds: Yes or No?

    I hate them. It's annoying and distracting. If it's not a voice clip or voice acting don't do it. If there an option to turn it off then that good. But in general just don't use text sound. Just have voice clip.

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