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    RMMV What is the To-Go plugin for making a card-based/deck building game?

    For reference; Wanting to make a game similar to Gloomhaven Digital; how you shuffle a deck of cards and each turn you get like 3 cards and you will use those 3 cards to attack or do things. Among the battle system using a card-based system similar to that KH game for GBA; I am looking to add a...
  2. DjKniteX

    My Switches to get NPCs to disapepar when you leave the room isn't working

    I got it to work with the NPCs disappearing when I leave the room but I tried moving the switch so when I enter the room they are gone but that is not working. Are switches only useable on the same map when called? EDIT: Nevermind, I got it to work
  3. DjKniteX

    My Switches to get NPCs to disapepar when you leave the room isn't working

    I got it! Thanks, so pretty much I can do it this way for events later in the future? Like I can talk to one NPC in a random city and that can change how an NPC interact in a different city?
  4. DjKniteX

    My Switches to get NPCs to disapepar when you leave the room isn't working

    I set a general switch for the NPCs in a room and made a 2nd event page where it's empty. The first page for those npcs have the switches on. Now I have it on my transfer (for when I leave the room) to turn the switches off but that doesn't seem to be working. After I talk to the NPCs they...
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    Needing a title/game over screen for a horror RMMV game I'm making

    Hey party people, just started a project and it's going to be a short horror/puzzle/mystery game and is looking for a title screen. My design skills are next to nothing and would appreciate if anyone can create one for me. Will be willing to trade services (I make websites). What I'm looking...
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    What is your favorite game developer today?

    Sonic Team, Armor Project/Yuji Hori, Level-5. I love PSO, Dragon Quest is my favorite RPG series of all time, and Level-5 got some good games
  7. DjKniteX

    What are you wishing for?

    Someone to sponsor me or pay all my debts Lol. Or the company that I'm interning for hires me.
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    FREE Looking for a team to help me create a sequel

    I'm writing the sequel to my trilogy of simple RPG games that I'm building with RPG Maker MV so I can learn the basics. The purpose of these games is for me to learn the in and outs and work on becoming a JavaScript Developer. I'm a self-made Web Developer and I'm looking for help to get...
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    Visual Novel Maker

    Does anyone happen to know if VNM will support JavaScript?
  10. DjKniteX

    Looking to help design a website for your game

    Hello guys, amateur web developer here. I'm taking a 6 month course over at my University to learn Front End and to be able to work as a developer in the future. Besides being a musician and a writer, I also would love to make games. (Can't wait for Visual Novel Maker to be released) This is a...
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    I had no idea this was a thing, I'm really excited now!

    I was just playing VN of my favorite animes/light novels and I stumbled on the ad on top when I just wanted to casually browse the forum again and I would say that this already looks better than ren'py (in terms of user friendliness and flexibility). I'm pretty hyped
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    FREE Looking for developer to help co-create a short RPG

    Engine: RPG Maker MV Synopsis: You are Cartuga, a self-made adventurer that was inspired by his grandfather's stories from the old days. You venture off into a forest of where the first people first walked and you want to discover the history behind them. The premise of the game is to be able...
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    Anyone have any theories about outcome of the universal martial arts tournament? (Dragon Ball Super)

    Don't spoiler it but I haven't seen last week's episode yet but I don't know man, what if this is just a trick and Zeno is going to be like psych just kidding all the universes are back.. but then again he did wipe like 6. so I don't know. ITS GOING TO BE CRAZY. I want to see Universe 6 super...
  14. DjKniteX

    Has anyone read the Zelda manga by Akira Himekawa?

    I saw some copies of their manga at Walmart and Barnes and Noble, looking like a Manga write up for many of the games. It looks cool and it would be awesome to enjoy the story again but I'm kinda skeptical. What are your thoughts?

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