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  1. Adjust Character Image

    Are you using Galv's character frames? I've used the same plugin. Try changing your spritesheet name to the following and it might work for you (assuming your spritesheet is the right format and all). ($dollar sign instead of !)
  2. RMMZ Disabling the Quest Tracker in the VisuStella Quest Log plugin?

    Hey, man. I have the same plugin, I'll show you some screenshots. Just follow them and there shouldn't be any problems. BTW, your game looks very nice! Good luck on game making. :)
  3. RMMV Localization engine?

    Just saw this post. This might meet your needs, as it as in-game language change, among other things.
  4. Gym Tileset (MV)

    Yes. I have that pack (and 10 more from them). I can confirm that the Modern interior set does have those items. Overall, I think their modern interior pack is very very very well made, as it covers most of the stuff my games needs and I've been searching for a long time regarding modern...
  5. RMMZ Issues with VS Spawn event from event template

    Thank you very much! I think I know why. I wanted to be cautious, so I even copied and pasted the event name word-for-word. However, I just realized that doing so will NOT cause the event to spawn for whatever reason. If I remove the name, the event will spawn properly. I guess this was why I...
  6. Cast of October 8 Tallsprites [MV]

    Beautiful work! Thank you!
  7. RMMZ Issues with VS Spawn event from event template

    Oh, so that's what that piece of code means. Ok, I'll try to work on it more. Will the event only spawn on specific tiles? I asked this because I tried to demo it on a blank map and I'm sure that the event did not spawn at all, although the switch says otherwise. :(
  8. Deploy game to browser

    I think this is outside the scope of RPG Maker. It's best to talk to your hosting company about it, as there can be many reasons, such as htaccess, hotlinking, or permission issues. Is the permission 755? Is there an index file? You can start from these, but it's best to talk to your hosting...
  9. RMMZ Issues with VS Spawn event from event template

    Hi, fellow makers: I can't seem to use the spawn event properly. Can someone please enlighten me? Event source (template) Map: 001 Event: 053 Name: Erina template Target map: 030 Target X-coordinate: 2 Target Y-coordinate: 2 I event set up a switch to track whether the spawn is successful...
  10. RMMV Localization engine?

    I've seen changing languages in game, but unfortunately I can't seem the find the sources now. I think DK has one, and another famous developer has one, but I can't seem to recall his/her name. If you want translation, it might be a good idea to check out these two pieces of software: The...
  11. RMMZ [SOLVED] Visustella screen shaking

    I just tested it. I think the issue is because you set the duration to "true". Just an idea. You don't have to use it. :)
  12. MZ character generator

    I am also interested to know. Based on my research, I don't think there are a lot of options tailed for RMMZ. I know there's SRD character creator EX and a bunch of generator parts for MV, but resources do seem to be scarce for MZ. For walking sprites, I use the VisuStella Character...
  13. Display pictures ON MAP (not on screen) based on variables?

    Hi, Andar: I believe I already mentioned in the my first post: "Different characters will appear at different parts of the map based on the time of the day (variables)." >>What determines where the NPCs are? How does your game decide on that? I have a script on who will appear at where at...
  14. Display pictures ON MAP (not on screen) based on variables?

    Didn't want to bore you guys with all the details, but since you asked... :P So here's the structure: World map (Overworld). Underneath there are individual maps. -----> School (location 1) -----> Town (location 2) -----> Downtown (location 3, and etc) The player can...
  15. Display pictures ON MAP (not on screen) based on variables?

    I did mention "Different characters will appear at different parts of the map based on the time of the day (variables)." but just to clarify, I meant multiple characters. 1) Multiple characters will be present at different locations on the map. 2) Sometimes multiple characters will be present...

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