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    DMI's Fade Control

    DMI's Fade Control v1.0 Author: Dizzy Media Inc. Introduction This is a simple plugin to help control fade times for map transfers and screen fades (Fade In/Fade Out) Features Controls Fades Screenshots How to Use Change values of fade times in plugin settings. Demo No demo needed...
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    JIF Grid Inventory

    Working good now, thanks for the quick fix! Edit: So I added a little fix myself to the help window width, x and y values as I felt I needed to change it a bit :) Added the help window initialize as well as the help values in the areas above Window_Help.prototype.initialize =...
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    MOG Time System + Map Title Issue

    *CONSOLE SHOT BELOW* So I am using Mog's time system and SumRndmDde title map background plugins, everything works fine with the time system on a regular map but if i try the title screen i get an error like this: Of course I added the tags to disable the time system from functioning on...
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    JIF Grid Inventory

    @Jiffy Here's a few screenshots
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    JIF Grid Inventory

    I can't seem to get the grid inventory to display at all in MV 1.50 v_v I tried a brand new project with no other plugins but still nothing, any thoughts about this?
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    Organize Options Menu Plugin v1.02b

    Seems to not work for the latest version of MV v_v it creates the categories but once you go into one it's all kinds of broken. Graphics displays nothing (even if you have fullscreen or other plugins activated), audio duplicates the few options and gameplay options are also duplicated v_v
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    Fragments of Genesis

    Gotcha, thanks for the approval and getting it in the right area ^_^ Thanks for your support! ^_^ Thanks so much! Trying to get that last push! :D
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    Fragments of Genesis

    Trailer: About: A sci-fi adventure game filled with puzzles, mystery and a little bit of humor. Story: An evil plot to escape a desolate planet brings together the unfortunate few who were cast aside. Try the Alpha! Steam Greenlight...
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    Orange Mouse Data

    Thanks a lot for this ^_^ I found this useful for implementing a switch that shows in game hints, so now keyboard, gamepad and the mouse all have a button down trigger for showing hints. Keep being awesome! :D
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    Title Bgs

    Yeah that's why i was adding it in manually in the system data JSON next to the titleBgm but that's where it kept resetting because like you said it's technically not in there :p tehe Works perfectly! Thanks! ^_^
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    Title Bgs

    Hello everyone! I am in need of a really simple plugin/script that plays a bgs of choice on the title screen, i tried adding it in myself in the core MV files but it likes to reset the set bgs when I change the title bgm in any fashion. If anyone is up to this that would be great ^_^ Example...
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    Quasi Audio

    @Quxios oh nice ^_^ what are the new additions/fixes for 2.2.2? Are they listed anywhere?
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    Quasi Audio

    Hey I noticed a glitch when testing some gameplay, if I am standing near an audio source , lets say a fire and then i open the options menu and go back to the title, the Qaudio will still play on the title screen. I use SE for my Qaudio plugin commands, I did however patch this myself in the...
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    Quasi Audio

    Awesome! Thanks for the reply, i downloaded Qaudio and Qplus, popped em in, adjusted the plugin command and BOOM! It works ^_^ Tested the audio changes from options menu, fix is definitely applied. Nice work ^_^

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