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    Why RPG Makers Are released Worldwide In English?

    English is the International Language. Much of the world either speaks english as a first language or learns English as a secondary language. RPGMaker is not unique in releasing International versions in English. Its quite common to do so.
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    Obfuscating Code

    Its definitely shady to have anyone profiting by selling mods or games on the side to have official moderation positions here. I actually like Archeia and talked to her several times via twitter before all this drama, but even I couldnt help but cringe about how ****ed up it was when Archeia was...
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    Maliki's Dual Weild MZ ver 1.0

    But that double hit would calculate both weapons in the damage though, right? Same as it does currently in the default engine? It would be amazing if this plugin would add double hit and then the first hit only factored in your main hand attack, and the second attack with the offhand.
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    Maliki's Dual Weild MZ ver 1.0

    Does this also change it so you attack twice when dual wielding? Once with the main hand, and again with the off-hand? Because currently even if you dual wield, you only strike the enemy once.
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    Triple Triad MZ

    A couple issues in the demo. The card album doesnt exist it seems? It gives me a blank nameless item that cannot be used... and then the flying monster to the left results in a frozen game as he tries to push an unknown scene.
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    RMMZ Are VisuStella's MZ Plugins encrypted?

    I said I understood the "want" not the "need"
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    RMMZ Are VisuStella's MZ Plugins encrypted?

    Seems the team isnt very happy that people want to be able to see the code in their massive plugins that do so much under the hood and released a FAQ. I dont know... I mean, I get the want to stop people from pirating your code, but does it have to come at the cost of not allowing people to...
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    Also, Id bet on it being MV Ace.

    Also, Id bet on it being MV Ace.
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    itll be chibi because thats what japan is into =(

    itll be chibi because thats what japan is into =(
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    RMVXA Otherland, a Visual Novel (Ep. 0 Demo)

    Looks gorgeous. Im going to go out on a limb to say the lack of attention is due mostly to it being a visual novel. While RPGMaker is adept at making VNs, most in the hobby use it to make/ play JRPGs... and thus likely skipped over the game (as I almost did) simply due to it being a VN. Your...
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    Triple Triad Card Game

    Why do people insist on using older versions?
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    Triple Triad Card Game

    Booster Packs would be great.
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    Triple Triad

    So, did this proj die again?
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    MV3D - 3D rendering for RMMV with Babylon.js

    So the issue is, I'd love to use this plugin for cut-scenes but if im understanding correctly, this plugin will entirely break any pixi.js plugin? And I use several of those in my main game.
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    MV3D - 3D rendering for RMMV with Babylon.js

    Dread Nayak, this is amazing, but do you think you could add a switch of sorts to enable/disable the plugin? Im thinking itd be quite stunning to enable this for cutscenes, but go back to traditional 2d rendering after a cutscene ends.

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