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  1. Bug: Animation not firing with uneven "wait" timers

    I believe I have found a strange bug, but hopefully I'm just stupid and you can point out to me what I'm doing wrong. Plugins: The bug happens regardless of plugins being used or not. Bug Explanation: The bug is this: If I have several events set to trigger from one Switch, and those...
  2. EST - Build And Decor EX

    Hi! I've checked out your plugins and they seem great, but I can't get them to work. I think it's probably to do with some change in MV's core, since the demo you provide doesn't work for me either. Specifically, I am encountering two problems: 1. When I set events to be "below...

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Weather and time system twin release. Now with weather icons and possibility to add them in your custom clock!
Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders is finally being ported to PC. I loved playing that game on the original Xbox.
A friend told me to stop making nomnom or gulping noise when eating or drinking. Plot twist of my life. I thought people can't hear that!
Inside you are two wolves. They take in oxygen while getting rid of the Co2 gas in your body...
Ah wait, sorry. Lungs. Not wolves. that'd be silly. Wolves are huge. You probably couldnt even fit one wolf inside you.

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