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  • Since I post too many questions here, I'm gonna start looking for YouTube tutorials. I feel like it's getting annoying for people to sifting through my submissions.
    So which forum do I use if I want to showcase graphics? I've been using AML forum, but I'm not sure it's correct.
    Yes, that's the one. Unless you want to share your stuff for people to use - in that case it'd be in Resources.
    June 2019 - My friend (let's call him G) says he wants to make a game
    later- it's really bad and angsty
    laterer - He gives up

    EARLY 2020 - I suggest trying again, G says yes
    slightly later - G gives up and gives me the whole idea
    LATE 2020 - I finish the script's first draft. G doesn't like it

    And that's where we stand!
    If G is not prepared to put in the time and effort, after experiencing what's involved in making a game, and is happy to pass it to you but not happy with your work, then I'd say it's time for G to give up all aspects of game making and to do something he enjoys and will commit to, and for you to make a game for yourself, not for G.
    @Shaz I agree with you! I have been making this game for myself, I really think my adaptation of the concept is going to work. G has taken up making a Webcomic, asking for small amounts of help where reasonable. Originally, he wanted to make the game in Scratch, though! (No offense if you're reading this G!)
    @Doinathing, Scratch? Wow. (He says with two Scratch tabs open currently haha) RPG Maker is much more intuitive and versatile than Scratch, trust me.
    Uh, I'm probably overthinking this, but I think that some of my music sounds kinda...bad?
    The melodies are just sort of awkward, and don't flow.
    I'm really not sure what to do. Why am I even worrying about this? I don't even have a battle system yet!
    Okay, thanks for all the advice on making maps before music! Uh, quick question, how should I plan my areas? I should maybe make a thread about this?
    music is a language that needs to be learned.
    and as such, if you're used to one particular accent, it might sound weird when you listen the original dialect of another language, pure.
    people accustomed to JRPG music will not see how to work with Western music for the same kind of game.... they're fundamentally different, like two different languages.
    @gstv87 You said my thoughts exactly!

    Someone told me that making music in a DAW is a lot different from playing live. The same person also told me to spend more time on the fifth (dominant), and when I did both of those things, the song I was making got like, ten times better!
    Okay, so I'm working on Draft 2 of my game's script.
    Will try to keep you guys posted, if you're interested!
    Well, after many months, the script for my game is done!
    Now I can dedicate my time to actually making the game!

    If enough people ask, I might post a view only link or something.
    I just want to say, thank the RPG Maker gods for scripts in XP.

    Now I have access to all the text commands from 2k3!
    And thanks to TeiRaven, I now understand how the most important graphics work. I'd say I'm set to start using XP!

    now i just need to cope with making programmer art
    I dunno where it came from, but in my FL Studio files there's a .wav called Tim_Hortons_Can, and it sounds like someone tapping on a paper cup.
    Ok, so I made some items for my game, the Tortoise Badge and the Hare Badge. The Hare Badge trades DEF for AGi, and the Tortoise Badge trades AGi for DEF. RM2k3 seems to think that the Tortoise Badge is just, objectively worse than nothing.
    • Haha
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    Well I mean, if you for example trade 18 AGI to gain 16 DEF, you are making a net-negative.
    Which means equipping nothing effectively "gains" you more stats.
    well, it was -20 AGI for +20 Def
    ok my pfp is now my protag can't keep using Greyface from MOTHER: Cognitive Dissonnance if I have a high status
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Respect for MogHunter.

With him/her,our Project are Success in many Aspect like Animations,Gameplay,Battle System,more.
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We have to wait Patiently about the Reason,Why he/she do it.
Raptor Revolt Demo 4_19_2021 11_13_22 PM.png

Custom tileset and mapping work continues for the beaches of RAPTOR REVOLT! Completely revamped sandstone cliffside tiles, now with 100% more d i t h e r i n g. Plus, stairs!
Sorry for the short absence. Hospital tests out the wazoo. although I just end up disheartened when my insurance won't cover what I need. I wish I lived somewhere where the country care about chronic illness patients.
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