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  1. Event Radius Check

    Event Radius Check v1.0 Dolarmak Introduction This plugin will allow you to have events detect one another. Features Set custom event name detectionSet radius of detectionSet which Self Switch detection activates How to Use Set the Self Switch you want to active in the Plugin Manager.Use the...
  2. checking current event's location

    EDIT: a friend on another forum solved my problem. I was using thje wrong syntax on the event command.  $gameMap._events[this._eventId]._x; is the correct code if any one ever needs it. I also edited it in the code below. ------------------------------- Sorry for double posting but...
  3. checking current event's location

    Edit: well unfortunatly that didn't work. The events check things too slowly, so only 1 event would run in the time i needed. Any other suggestions? Thanks, I wasn't sure it would work that way with EST Decore mod, but I think i got it working with that and selfvariables mod.
  4. checking current event's location

    Okay, so I am using EST's decoration script and when an object is placed (event is copied from another location), I want it to check in a 3 block radius of itself to see if another event is near by. Now I have used $gameMap.isXyHasEventName(/event_name/i,x,y) which is fine if you're always...
  5. turning on and off traits in game

    hey thanks, works great :)
  6. turning on and off traits in game

    I was looking to turn on and off traits (mostly the skills restriction ones, but possibly weapons and armor). Its funny cause they have the option to restrict a skill type, however whats the point if you just don't add the skill in the traits then they will never have access to it. Seems like...

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