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  1. What are your favorite smells?

    Smell of scented candles really gets my attentions every time. 
  2. Question about Laptops

    I saw one of those two. I think they've done a pretty good job in terms of design with it though. 
  3. Greetings and Salutations

    By the way, welcome. I think you should make a new thread for that so the discussion will be exclusive. 
  4. Hello RPG Maker Community!

    Indeed, feel free to post a preview once available as well. Welcome. 
  5. HI Im a new member ^_^

    Welcome aboard. Make sure to have fun here too. 
  6. Coming back to game dev

    Indeed. Welcome. I'm quite surprised by the number of helpful members here as well. 
  7. Introducing me and my game! (in development)

    Welcome aboard buddy, have a great time here. 
  8. Hello~!

    Welcome Anthiem, you'll fit in just right fine here. 
  9. Hello!

    Well, I like cookies as well. 
  10. Do you dislike any particular gaming consoles?

    I used to love Xbox but they just can't come up with a design that will last for a few years though. 
  11. Games you love that nobody's heard about.

    Utopia for sure. One of the pioneer on web based online game. 
  12. Do gaming company names have an effect on purchasing games?

    I think so. I mean, it's like the face of the game. It decides if a user gets his attention onto it. 
  13. RIP RPG Maker

    RIP. All things will come to an end. 
  14. IRC?

    Will check that too. I didn't know that irc is still being used. 
  15. Your most memorable dreams

    That I was a millionaire and got all the goods that I want. 

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