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    HELP:npc movement option

    Ok so I have this NPC that I need to go from his starting point in a scene to behind a desk with a map and a book on it he stats off fine but then he ends up in the bottom right corner of the map. here is the map and the movement event (unfinished) can anyone help so that my character can...
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    what are you using for your game

    I am currently using RPG Maker MV to make a game (I assume most people are) I just find it a relly fun and easy (compaird to Unity) engen to use. But i a shoure that there are other peopl using older vrsions of RPG maker and other development inviroments on here so what are you using and why?
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    I am back

    i have a story and everthing i just need to make the thing now
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    What to do if you can't come up with a good story?

    RPG's are about characters think about you best friend girlfrend people in your life why do you like dislike them I had a character called Heather i based her on a frend caleed Vicky i lover wrighting for her i am goingto reuse her in my new game hopfully peoplel like her she is a bit of a flert...
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    I am back

    Hi so i have been away for a while (life got in the way) but I am back now I have lernt a lot form my first game that will necer be finsished thes are as follows 1. proof read every scene. 2 .Get your brother, sister,bff to reade it over too. 3. Playtest Playtest Playtest 4. you don't need a...
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    character on character

    I have a character called Whisper in my game he is kind of the main bad guy so obviously you need to fight him the problem is is that he is not classed as an Enemy in RPG maker he has a battler and everything is there a way to have two (or more) characters fight each other? How do I do it ...
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    From JRPG to ARPG

    Yeah I understand that it will be more like Zelda but the idea is the same I got some cool,mideas fir it I just need a storlyline now.
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    From JRPG to ARPG

    So I was wondering isthmus a script or somthing so I can make an ARPG (action RPG) I was think for my next game it would be cool do do somthing a little diffrent with a combat system a littel like Baldours gate or the Lego Star Wars games? I mean I have a colon JRPG (japaniese style RPG) but my...
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    Poison states

    Really I did not know that
  10. Doogerie

    Poison states

    how do i do that
  11. Doogerie

    Poison states

    I was wondering if anyone can help me i am trying to set up a Poison state for my game and I just can't figure out the formula for it can someone please help me?
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    Leval up

    No no i got that it's just this one section
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    Leval up

    yes but how can some one recommend a Tutorial or something?
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    Leval up

    So I just realised that I forgot to add an event for my characters to level up you know when they amass a perticuler amount of Xp? I would also like to give them a update buff like more health or somthing but I can probly fiver that out myself. thanks
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    Product Release: Fantasy & Medieval

    I am going to buy the bundel this weekend and will use it in my next game

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