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  1. MV Android Deployment Methods?

    I used xilefian's method and it works perfectly, the webview version works a lot better on new machines. also I edited js to force webgl.
  2. saving to external storage for android deployment?

    Hello, I am curious to see if anyone has interest in making plugins (or maybe RMMV officially puts out an update) to allow storage of savefiles on external storage. I believe save files are stored in internal storage currently for android apks. It is good in a way that the player cannot edit...
  3. Anti save-edit plugin idea

    I heard rmmv uses a very common way to obscure the savefile so it is easy to crack. Ordinary users can cheat by changing gold easily. Changing item needs time for them to find all item IDs. I heard that you could try to use a less common library (or something like that, I am not expert in this)...
  4. Exporting for iOS and Android

    I really think the tutorial for exporting to iso and android should be updated. The related packages and tools keep updating and directly following the tutorial is not working anymore. Just saw other ppl recommending this one for android with Google's new android studio...
  5. where is the save file folder on android device?

    I have been trying different builds and would really like to backup game save files on android device. (or be able to copy from pc) However I don't seem to be able to find where they are on android devices. I tried to use file manager app searching my app name, only found empty folders. Also...
  6. RPG Maker 1.5 will not delpoy to android.

    thanks, it seems to be working fine now. Is this font loading part of the performance improvement or it does not matter?
  7. Failed to load audio.m4a on Android

    I simply used ogg. Most of android games I have seen use ogg.
  8. RPG Maker 1.5 will not delpoy to android.

    I had the same issue. I wish there will be a official solution soon.
  9. Type error for android deployment in RMMV 1.5.0

    hmmm, I had the hope that the new bitmap functions may improve gameplay on android, but it actually made things worse? I probably should not expect too much improvement and stick with older version then. thanks for the reply
  10. Any chance on getting your previous version of game back?

    similar things happened to me before, so no short cut, just make sure you backup every couple of days
  11. Parallax Mapping: Recommendations for Two-Tile High Objects

    use sprite in event for this type of objects, it requires some photoshop to fix the sprite though to make things easier, create event srpite of width 48 (the grid size) and some what height you need. This is easier to align. if you have a lot of such objects it will be quite some work.
  12. How to collaborate on a game?

    it is better to divide work to different people. say one does skill database, one does enemy database, one does map event, etc. then you just combine the json files when everyone is done. it can get messy if multiple people work on the same file.
  13. Type error for android deployment in RMMV 1.5.0

    I tried to update the core scripts to rmmv 1.5.0 including the new gamefont.css and index.html I can run the game without issue with the exe on PC But if I deploy to android and test on my tablet or in IntelXDK, I get type error upon game start. The error seems to be pointing to the font loading...
  14. Core Engine optimizations for Mobile Deployment

    just curious, are there any changes in MV 1.3.5 that necessitate an update for this plugin?
  15. RPG Maker MV v1.3.5 Update

    It looks like the new version automatically selects the system language. And the chinese translation appears to be machine translated and a lot of them do not make sense. It is much harder to use now.... I heard steam version can change language but can't find it in standalone version.

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