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    Custom Walk Cycle

    Hey everyone, I'm just wondering if it's possible within the confines of the engine to create a walk cycle that does not go 1-2-3-2-1, but instead something like 1-2-3-1-2-3. I am creating more "realistic" run animations for animals, and the current repeat cycle does not work well with it...
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    [Poll]: Item Drop Screen vs Loot Chests

    Yeah. Having a chest system sounds like that becomes the focus, whereas a drop loot screen means that item combining and crafting are instead the focus.
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    Game Without Battles - Usable Items

    Yeah, you're absolutely right that items are going to be even more important here to inject flavor and purpose into the game. Which was my intention from the beginning when I decided to forgo a battle system and focus instead on telling a story. At the moment, items definitely play into puzzles...
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    [Poll]: Item Drop Screen vs Loot Chests

    If your game is designed around drops, loot, and these kinds of resources to craft additional items and equipment, ask yourself if chests might become tedious for the player. Does the drop screen not function exactly the same, while also saving the player time? I would approach it from a...
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    [Poll] Visible Enemies: Respawns

    This has been done in other games, as well as I one I published, and I really enjoyed it, which is: Enemies do not re-spawn, and killing all enemies in an area will net you access to a secret treasure room/additional treasure. To offset limited experience, you can access as many encounters as...
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    Game Without Battles - Usable Items

    Hey everyone. I am looking for assistance in the form of brainstorming for a project I am currently working on. Well, assembling is more the word, I guess, as I am compiling ideas and resources and haven't gone from start to finish to create a solid narrative yet. Although the game flow...
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    Altimit Pixel Movement [0.50β]

    This didn't seem to fix it ... NPCs are still just randomly nudging along at 1 pixel. Also, using the plugin command for random movement interferes with the event if there is a dialogue box attached to it due to needing to Autorun the event to have the random movement work properly. Unless I...
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    Things to avoid in your game

    @Tai_MT Good point. It could be that I've played FFVI so many times that I essentially abandon items not too long into the game. Also, defense has almost no bearing on damage in FFVI, as the algorithm heavily favors your level (for whatever reason). There is no stat progression without...
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    Most Frustrating Things in RPGs?

    My point is that originally it was due to memory constraints, that this became the norm. There are other ways to create tension, and as has been noted in this thread, a modern gamer is going to favor being able to save anywhere versus a perceived "tension". Besides, this "tension" largely only...
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    How do you plan your balance for battle system?

    Does anyone reference certain damage formulas? Perhaps from existent popular games? I ran into a weird issue with my first release where the damage formula weighted in favor of defense. I was finding that while keeping the numbers consistent (attack vs defense), high defense characters were...
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    Most Frustrating Things in RPGs?

    It's interesting reading through this thread as well as the "what to avoid" thread, as many complaints were once common-place due to technology (or programming experience, perhaps?) limitations. There really is no reason to not be able to save anywhere nowadays. Memory is no longer a...
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    Things to avoid in your game

    While this is true, it negates items for what I would argue is more than two-thirds of the game. This is coming off the heels of FFV, where an entire job was centered around items, and to game-breaking effect. I guess my larger point to an extent, is that it all feels so half-ass. Instead of...
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    on challenge, decisions, and consequences

    I don't think making a sub-optimal decision, or even including it as an option, is inherently a bad thing, so long as you can reverse or remediate the consequences. If you're talking about battle, this usually means a tug-of-war between doing damage, and healing said damage. In terms of an...
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    Things to avoid in your game

    Thought I'd add my two cents into the mix (although a lot of this has already been mentioned, or at least in some form). Poor Item Progression Notable example: FFVI If you're going to give me items that restore flat amount of HP/MP, you need to have more than two tiers. We get Potions that...
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    The Big Book of World Building/Notes: Do you have one?

    That's a good way of going about it. I find the best fiction is one where it leaves many details to the imagination but you at least get the sense that there's a much larger world at play. And that's usually because the author probably has fleshed out the back story to a significant degree but...

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