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  • Ok, so my first game will have a french revolution setting... and "horror" theme.
    Waiting one week for the editor to comment your entry for the anthology, only to find by chance you've sent the novel to your cousin instead.
    Cats along the way are prone to be cuddled due the hot temperature. Wanna love? Tilts the Earth's axis.
    My granddaughter force me to play Gradius on NESmini for hours, just to shout aliens not aiming to her uncle.
    Low cost companies tickets are now more expensive than normal cost companies. Nice policy, indeed U_U'
    If you'll mind a bit, ElfKisser is the polar opposite of GoblinSlayer.
    And BAM!, the moment you do understand Python setters by studying JS prototypes. That's called SERENDIPITY, coming with something when you was searching for something else. From "The three Princes of Serendib", a persian novel.
    Humans are strange: they search geographical borders for their inner anxieties.
    A good idea rise a moment before falling asleep, and survive the second coffee the day next morning.
    Kuro DCupu
    Kuro DCupu
    Impossible! Even my epic dream doesn't survive and linger in my memory when morning came!
    wait, you guys got an idea or even a dream?
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Sooo I tried CSP Ex today.
this is Drizzt's theme Theme Name: Foon by Toon, Persons theme: Drizzt...
I'm still around. Just the job, family things, and another Covid scare to make sure that I'm good and distracted from RM :-/
SF_Actor3_6 added!

trying to make my first public game... stuck trying to make a tileset... oh man.....

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