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    Another Request for a single plague doctor character (Mack Style)

    Hi, I was able to find this in the net, you might want to frankensprite the mask off the character and place it in one of yours. Credits go to Wildwestpyro, he says it's available for public use :) Goodluck out there...
  2. Dr. Madd

    Chopper, Motorcycle, Military Cars, and Boat Sprites

    bump for other vehicles. Contributions are highly appreciated. :)
  3. Dr. Madd

    First Person-like Combat

    hopeful bump :S
  4. Dr. Madd

    Chopper, Motorcycle, Military Cars, and Boat Sprites

    It's magnificent! Thanks a lot bro! Hahaha thanks for pointing it out! Sorry about that XD  Fixed it :D
  5. Dr. Madd

    First Person-like Combat

    Thanks Zeriab! I'm also hoping for the best!   X ^_^ X
  6. Dr. Madd

    First Person-like Combat

    Good Day Scripters, I've got a rather complicated battle system to propose to you all. It's a bit of a challenge though. Here's how it goes: My game is set on the modern era, the main character can choose from a wide variety of jobs like an infantry, demolitionist, melee fighter, sniper and...
  7. Dr. Madd

    Chopper, Motorcycle, Military Cars, and Boat Sprites

    :D Thank you! Choppers are actually my first priority ones as well. :)
  8. Dr. Madd

    Chopper, Motorcycle, Military Cars, and Boat Sprites

    Good Tidings from the MEMFIS Corporation, I am currently working on a game based on a modern theme with RPGMAKER VX ACE. But I can't seem to find any Spritesheets for any of the said vehicles above anywhere. :( If anyone could please supply a sprite of the above vehicles, I would really...
  9. Dr. Madd

    Composite Characters / In-game Character Creation

    Hey Neon black, I'm loving your script! It's clean, systematic, and beautiful. But I seem to have found a glitch in the Save system. When a character is created and a game is saved. Another new CHARACTER that is created in a NEW GAME gets replaced with the one of the existing save file when the...

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