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    I need a Plague Doctor Enemy

    You can try Hiddenone generator parts to create something... Example>
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    [OPEN]Avy's Icon Workshop

    There are edits of these icons into character-sheets by Fizzly (page 69 or so), so I'm quite sure you can use them in tile sets too...
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    Swords for now

    You don't need to split them, thats for custom weapons, like if you have just one cool weapon... Go to your project-img-system and place whole sheet there. Then rename it to WeaponsX (X is next in line, so if you have Weapons1 and Weapons2 in there, it will be Weapons3 and so on. NOw just use...
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    Ponytails without flowers?

    Well, there is some chance... Nah kidding, here it is, glad you like it! edit> here is TVD edit of edit> here is icon and TV-back edit of edited edit> here is front-side TV, should be all
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    Ponytails without flowers?

    Tried sv, but I don't know, it looks weird without that flower... kinda have no idea how it should look, but still, here is first idle phase...
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    Monster SV Battlers

    This is NOT event... For animated sideview enemies you will need plugin... Just google for example Yanfly Sideview Enemies (or similar) and watch few videos how to set it up ;)
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    Avy's MV Stuff

    Same as big gate.... Make it like !$SoldierPose.png (into characters folder) and then some condition, when to start... Code will look like treasure chest, so create one and make it like that....
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    Fantastic SV beasts and where to find them - a list

    he doesn't have animated battlers... probably thats why!
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    They work just fine, thank you! :rhappy: Isn't important, but you have quite noise there (hard to see dots), if you color image without anti-alias, it looks like this: But great job, would be happy for more ;)
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    Avy's MV Stuff

    All images are down... :kaodes:Well, works just fine.
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    Avy's MV Stuff

    Oh, I'm not confirming anything, it's just my interpretation of the law :kaopride: That response was more question than anything... So yeah, better safe than sorry :kaothx: !!
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    Avy's MV Stuff

    Hoi, I understand it, that you can Edit as much as you want - for commercial or not -, but you can't share Edits alone without Avery's permision. I hope I'm right, because these are super beautiful and I need them little edited for tall sprites :kaoswt:
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    [FROG] Trigger Distance - Fire touch events at a distance

    if E is event and O is operational field, then x1 y1: O O O O E O O O O aaaand r1: __O O E O __O (i know it looks stupid.) but probably make sense :)
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    Actor3_7 generator parts

    I know I'm not helpful, but I'm sure I saw this one somewhere here... Now only to remember where :kaosigh:
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    [FROG] Trigger Distance - Fire touch events at a distance

    Hi, thanks for update! Awesome work. Moving rectangles can become reality now! :LZSevil: Suggestion... Well, what about 'same priority as player' + 'action triggered'? i have no idea how it works, but it should be very useful, too. Like I want my hero to have some comment about his big house...

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