Dragon Brother

Greetings anyone it may concern, I am The Dragon Brother, not to be confused with the Dragonborn or the son of the dragon, I am an Independent Video game developer, I (try) to make RPG games no one else has, how else would My sub par animation skills and overused tropes get My games noticed? balloon animals? I use various sites and art mediums to create stories some even based in the real world (Do not ask what that is, I am not sure anymore myself).

If I can help with game development, I will try;
-Story writing: 100% I am confident in My Story conjuration skills, though a good story will take time.
-Animation: 30% as long as You do not need it too realistic looking or 3d or professional I can help here.
-Research: 100% much of My games require real-life counterparts and actual instances, so Yes I research.
-Scripting: 0% I am not a Script master I am a Script kiddie.
-Resource collection: 100% if it's out there, I can find it, You still need to get permissions though.
-Emotional Support: 100% if You need a little motivation, I can help as long as I am online.
-Funding: 0% I am strapped for cash as well.
-Sales: 50% I know a few sites.

I survive, I adapt, I infest, because the only other option is unacceptable.
About Me
Indie for Life.
First Language
Primarily Uses
Long walks on polluted beaches, reading corney romance novels, taking over space colonies.



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