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  • My concerns have shifted from designing to getting a buissiness liscens as I am sure to sell games on Steam it requires one, I am unsure.
    Changes to scalling has created a setback, but only a minor one, maps should be larger now but that isn't a big deal.
    Breaking from Project #2 for now. Project #1 the Armymen game has new name and is now a Turn based strategy.
    I shoot when I see the whites in their eyes!
    Dragon Brother
    Dragon Brother
    Speed of Elohim to You in this, depending on the side You take thier eyes will eather be a solid Green,Tan,Blue,Gray,Orange or Sky Blue, not white!
    Character Animations for project #2 slowing process, invoking KISS Priniciple, feeling good, commencing storyline developement.
    Progression report to follow: I have decided to quit making games and spend the rest of My days gathering dust in a homeless shelter.
    Dragon Brother
    Dragon Brother
    It appears I am either not popular enough to warrent response or everyone knows I am making an attempt at jest... Oh well I tried.
    I cannot find any of My support posts... could it be I never posted at all?
    Go to your profile page, click on the Postings tab. You can even scroll down to the bottom to limit it to threads you started.
    Dragon Brother
    Dragon Brother
    I see that now, many thanks.
    I have here the first of the Armymen battler animations, currently using Galv's Animated battlers, finding it more appealing than the standard First person perspective battle style, although that had it's perks to.

    View attachment 56701
    As You may know I have been hard at work developing the Armymen Tactical Role playing Game, I have been set back by a shift in animations, as the animation isn't too good (My own) I have decided to use Galv's animated battlers as it too Me is more appealing, so it's going to take a little longer.

    The various systems I had recently made an opinion pole about have been implemented, as for what those were, You'll have to see for Yourself, before You ask;
    Yes, those that I requested use of scripts from will receive a Free copy plus strategy guild free while supplies are available.

    I received no reply from any of the various companies that recently held the rights to the Armymen 3d series, So I decided to make it my own instead of following along with their storyline (Personally I only enjoyed Armymen World war series, 3d I & II and no I did not mention this to them.) as it was meant to be a freeware tribute it can still be a armymen game just not carry the same references, characters or plot in short, it's all my creation based on the Marx toys of course.
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    Dragon Brother
    Dragon Brother
    Indeed, the old game series 3do did many a decade ago on PS1 & Win 2000 ( I know, "What's Win 2000/Ps1?! yes I am old.) however because the most recent company has not returned contact I will have to recreate the story my own way in order to avoid copyrights I must not having any of the original characters or timeline as the original, however it will still be the same coloured plastic Armymen killing each other over a who gets to set up an FOB on Your kitchen counter or stopping a mad man from taking over a world strangely made from the same substance as the lifeforms that occupy it, just the characters and Timeline will be much different for the original.
    Ohohohoh, I can't wait!
    Dragon Brother
    Dragon Brother
    It may take a while.
    Over My time working The Armymen RPG(Insert trade snark here) project, I have come to revalation of clarity... I was not being true to the series, and that My fellow creators is truely a shame, the way I had the character set up was all wrong and far to complex to be fun, however I will continue to develope the story to the game in the direction I intended, however the player can decide what to become ultimately at the bootcamp level, You can choose to fight on the front or become one of the many special forces of the four nations, previously I had arranged the characters to be somewhat restricted only allowing the player to choose from one charater based on the faction chosen, it was not very fulid on choice and did not stay true to the original backstory to Armymen and while expanse is permitted in a series like this My version was looking remarkably like a Tom Clancy novel that was never published.

    Soon enough I'll be able to post screenshots and previews, but for now, I will simply have to say, thank You for Your continued patience with My requests for support and scripts, I am new to this whole long term game development thing and I am alone in it's creation, I only hope it will live up to expectation.

    Gratefully Dragon Brother.
    Trying to set up a command event that allows control of a separate party, like in Rainbow six where You can switch between teams, this will allow better tactical gameplay, but cannot work out a system for such.

    Storyline: 100% complete
    Battlers: 50% complete

    Items & equipment with system: 75% complete

    Cut scenes: 0% complete
    tactical battle system: 45% complete
    Requests for help belong in the forum.  Please post in the Support forum for the relevant version of the engine you're using if you want to do this just using events, or in the Plugin/Script Requests forum for the appropriate engine if you want a plugin or script to do it.
    As per request made by Tsukihime, I hereby announce My support in spreading the word for this site.

    I ask all who follow/view my site to consider supporting the site as well, Thank You.
    Dragon Brother
    Dragon Brother
    "If You have much, give Your wealth, If You have little, give Your heart."
    That's outright advertising, and Patreion links are not allowed here.  Don't do that again, and if it WAS a request by Tsukihime, tell him not to ask others to do the same.
    Currently pooling ideas & resources into a Armymen RPG.Curious as to how I will go about making Mines work for the player character as getting them to work against the player character was far too easy.
    Dragon Brother
    Dragon Brother
    Galv's scripts have provided a way to use mines against the character's foes, but the problem now is... they're a game breaker! I have an idea that might make them more of a control point rather than a item, I hope this works...
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