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  • how would i set it up i am wanting the nun to take 20 gold to revive you i don't want the game over to show when you die
    Please post these type of queries in the correct forum and not on your profile status.
    Also want to remind you we have a policy to only post two status updates a day.
    I Am Makeing My 1st Game With the M V I Want Sondra To Join The Party After Knocking twice
    Please post "How do I" questions in the forum and not on your profile status. They'll get answered there, not here
    I Am Posting This Here I Cant Use My Direct Express Card To By Packs I Cant Get A Hold Of Support At All
    What have you tried in terms of contacting support?
    I Am Making A Game Called Guardians Found I Would Like Some Ideas
    Might be a good idea to give a synopsis or at least the basic plot idea you have since wait why is it called Guardians Found... something like that might help
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Have you appreciated a Hedgehog today?

Storybook Hero demo has been well received so far. Yay! We are developing it steadily albeit slowly <_<. We will get there one day o_O.
TFW: You get a text from someone and a long conversation--but you have no idea who this person is and don't wanna be that guy that asks "Who is this by the way?" I have no clue who this person is... but they seem to know me quite well. :rswt
You know, after all these years of using RM I've never played To The Moon. With being busy with life and then after my mom died I was too emotionally fragile to play something that heavy. Has anyone played the Switch version? Is there any big differences between that and the RM version?
Today I finished my Lets Play. Gonna have the videos scheduled for daily uploads now. Woo I finished something ^^

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