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    Happy birthday Trihan! :XP1:
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    Happy Birthday, me!
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    dragoonwys replied to the thread NPC Dialogue Shop.
    @RPyro64 Can you please elaborate on what is not working? This plugin normally wouldn't have problems if all the instructions are followed.
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    Awesome works perfectly for what I need! Thanks a ton!
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    dragoonwys replied to the thread Generic Cloaked Sprite.
    If you are just looking for a part that includes walking and SV, you can find a hood generator part in Hiddenone's thread its in the...
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    LOL OMG thanks! Terms of use? Credits?
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    @pawsplay Only for MV games since it has the MV RTP in it of course! Other than that, credit me as Dragoonwys will be more than enough ^^
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    dragoonwys replied to the thread Box of Honey Buns.
    Had to look up some pictures without the boxes in the way, but here you go! Hope it fits what you're looking for :rhappy:
    • honeybunMV.png
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    You thought kids rooms were messy. Look at this. https://www.distractify.com/p/spiderman-no-way-home-theater-mess
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    Someone never taught those people basic respect. I feel so bad for the staff, they need a bonus for this :rswt2:
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    Pro tip: don't be this person.
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    Did you check out the new Restaff yet? ;3
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    Already did! Love everything in it :kaojoy:
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    finally..someone understands my pain...
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    Thank you everyone for the hard work that went into these! @Avery I love these snowmen! I also find it funny that the one with the blue...

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