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    Update: when the ui and screen resolutions match it fixes the problem. However, my game requires the scene and ui to be different or it looks horrid. I have also submitted a bug report with full details and a test game to VisuStella. Hopefully they can fix it so it can work in the resolution of...
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    I did as you suggested, and found out the problem was the normal effekseer animations in this resolution + plugin work fine. However, the animations with "Create MV-compatible data" causes the alignment problem when using this plugin. It only happens with this plugin and does not happen when...
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    Side-View does the exact same thing. Tried another enemy type as well. The slingshot should be displayed on the leftside of the enemy not so far out.
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    I've used the plugin by its self Center is what I am using on all of them at the moment. This is the battle core. I've went through it a few times and can't figure out where this alignment issue would come from.
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    All of my custom stuff is aligned and working correctly in the animation editor. The custom npc is also cropped perfectly. It has something to do with the battle core plugin. When I turn it off the animations snap back to normal in the battle test. I am also building my game in these resolutions.
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    Anybody know how to fix the alignment of animations against enemies with higher resolution and the VisuStella battle core plugin? My game uses front-view. UPDATE: I scrapped this project due to too many complications with the current resolution. I am going to redo a lot of stuff. Please...
  8. Need help with a couple of things. Gaps in windows and Back Button Position.

    This was very helpful, thank you. I will take a look at it in a little bit.
  9. Need help with a couple of things. Gaps in windows and Back Button Position.

    So I have a couple of things that are really bugging me right now in a project I am working on: #1: Gaps in windows. Picture shows what I mean. How do you close these up? #2: I have no earthly idea how to move this thing with javascript. As you can see in my testing screen it looks horrid...

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