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  • Mad props to Yanfly and the VS team. Making a plugin that does a focused fraction of what one of their core scripts can do is extremely slow, exhausting, and occasionally frustrating. Granted, I'm learning JS as I go instead of from the ground up beforehand, but so many elements of this script are requiring either DEEP experience, or LOTS of trial and error to figure out.
    It's particularly difficult in RPG Maker because you are working with a very large collection of tightly-wound, and pretty much undocumented, code. I'm sure Yanfly and the VS team faced that similar grind, and some of those same frustrations that you do. And yeah, props to them for sticking to it and pumping out useful plugins at a dizzying pace in spite of those obstacles. Goes to show it's very doable.
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besides itch and occasionally here where are people doing game jams at y'all? (plz do not cross reference this with my previous status lol)
Go out all day!
★No work★
Just want to sleep when I get home Zzzzz
just went through 50 issues of Fables, only to left kind of disappointed by it, I guess I have to wait for season 2 of TWAU instead.
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Feel free to subscribe, cuz im gonna release it first there.

The worst part about making custom stuff is, I can't really ask any of you why a second copy of the character randomly appears only when going SW, S, or SE and changing directions. Been bugging me for the last two days. On the plus side, look at the new random map pieces I made while thinking about it.:LZSexcite:

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