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  • How do you create a blog on here?
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    Released either free or through paid DLC. They're still sorting it out.
    *fingers crossed for free* though I understand the reticence if people were paying for that for a long time, to suddenly have it be freely available is kind of a kick in the head for subscribers.
    Shaz suggests you create a free blog in an external site and just link to there 

    I have a blog where I talk about game development but I wanted to have one here so that we could talk about the subjects that are rather RPGM focused.  Like I could talk about map work and I know I have 200+ hours worth of work to do and at the end I could have a question like, "how many events can RPGM MV handle on a single map before it starts to lag?"  and someone could give me a heads up before I go and waste those 200+ hours.

    But I guess I'll make due and hope people read these status updates when I share my blog links
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