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    1 HP after defeated

    I don't know how I didn't think of that before
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    1 HP after defeated

    Does anyone know of any plugins or know of any way to make the character stay alive but with 1 HP after the battle? so if the team has 3 allies but only 2 are defeated these two would be alive but with only 1 HP after battle, and the only way to give Game Over is if all 3 allies are defeated...
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    where can i find it? do you have the link?
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    Resource Type: Characters,and Battler Maker Format: MV) Art Style: Ace RTP Description: In my game there is an ancestral being, this being is a living giant tree called the forest sage, at some point in the game the player is forced to fight this being cause he is possessed by an evil...
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    Inventory Item Count Detection?

    all you want to do is quite simple really
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    HP regen(non-battle) every 2-3 seconds

    use the "wait" command to timer the next commands that the event will do, (in that case, the regeneration) in this way, the event will wait a time to repeat again...
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    Inventory Item Count Detection?

    Yes, for this you will need a variable to be counting the number of items, you can set this value to the variable causing an event to change its value, when adding the value that will change in the variable, leave "set" never on add or subtract, the event that will change the value of the...
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    Live procedural generation in Rpgmaker

    i have used the generate dungeon, and after generating a terrible map... i just edited all, just take the shape as reference and use creativity
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    Help with Steps Taken Skill

    make the skill call a common event, that common event will reset the variable to zero! You can also create one that checks whether the weapon is equipped or not, if not, the variable becomes zero
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    RMMV Asgarnon Dark Light

    haha just the game's name
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    RMMV Asgarnon Dark Light

    Engine: RPG Maker MV Genre: RPG , Fantasy, Adventure Introduction: Note: English is not my Native Language, sorry for some spelling issues. I would like to present my first project. it's called "Asgarnon dark light" it is a conceptual game about a fictional world that I created, a fantasy...
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    Early in my career, I hope you enjoy my work and follow my evolution along that highway!

    Early in my career, I hope you enjoy my work and follow my evolution along that highway!
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    I need help: Finishing the game...

    Okay i just be confused where i need to post
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    I need help: Finishing the game...

    I don't have marked the exclude unused file option, the first thing that you have said... refer to the name of the file? so i just need to rename they all? i exported to the Windows option, and all are working well. i dont think that the problem is the website 2 apk, just because, when i...
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    I need help: Finishing the game...

    Unknow error i'm trying to release a Demo version of my project but, when i export(compile) the game from RPG MAKER MV some files are just deleted, like all the BGM folder and some plugins files... i'm using the "Website 2 apk" to make the demo version for Android. i don't have idea what are...

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