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    RMVXA Feedback on Untitled Witch/Sea Witch RPG?

    You have some nice world building going on with the witch-traps stuff. There may be some nice historical themes to tap in to, if you would like to take that route, also, like the Inquisition and witch-hunting in Cromwellian England.
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    RMVXA Game Idea: Realm of the Unreal

    Thanks for pointing my attention towards this. I hadn't heard of Henry Darger yet, and you made me look this up. Realm of the Unreal seems like a really interesting and elaborate work of art. What struck me is that it somehow reads like the plot of a (somwhat overelaborate) RPG story. Very...
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    RMXP Railroad Tracks

    Sad to hear it didn't run, and thanks for trying. If you think the issues are not being caused at your end you could give me some info on your system (like what operating system, 32 or 64 bit, any other peculiarities), and I will see if I can reproduce the error. For what I have seen until now...
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    RMVX Please close thread.

    Just the name, right? Or do you also mean the plot and gameplay? As a title, 'Another World' is probably generic enough to reuse, as long as the game in itself is different enough. There are dozens of media with that name on wikipedia alone:
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    RMVX Castor Wars

    Looks impressive already, I really like the amount of depth in the forest map (the one with the fog) and the city one. I think the story is well suited for an epic RPG style, although I think the way you present it in the plot section here gives it a tendency to become bland. When marketing the...
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    RMXP Railroad Tracks

    Railroad Tracks Devoid of all memory, a small pierrot awakens early one Oktober morning, down by an abandoned railway line. Help him navigate his mysterious world, but beware, for the further he wanders from the rigid safety of the railroad, the more unsettling his surroundings become. . ...
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    VNMaker Vocaloid Date

    Ahaha, I guess I took a completely wrong turn on that one. I quess in that case it could be an interesting perspective on the music/idol industry.
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    RMMV Project Hope (WIP Title)

    I feel there is not much to go off yet, although I like the idea that it will be mostly plot based. Is it mostly linear?
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    VNMaker Vocaloid Date

    Sounds quite interesting. Voicaloids are supposed to be robots, or simulations, right? Is the main character also a simulation? Or is he a real human? I am interested in the way how romance will work with or between vocaloids.
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    RMMV One True King (Garbage AF)(Short Demo)

    I like the feel of the maps already. Also I thought her name was 'Heroin' at first, which would be quite an edgy name for a heroine.
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    RMMV Displaced.

    If you are going to link areas to the choices people make, it would be interesting to think about whether you would like all areas to be accessible in every playthrough of the game. If you don't it will be a lot more work, as you will technically be creating several different games in one...
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    Can't Save in RPG maker XP

    Is it's still not working with the default script it makes me wonder if there isn't a parallel process or other event somehow blocking it. Do save events work nowhere in the project? Or just happening on a specific map? And if you start an entirely new project and add a save event to that, does...
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    Having trouble importing custom tilesets/chipsets

    Tiles are 32 by 32 and there are 8 tiles on each row, so you want an image with a width of 256 pixels. Place the image in your Tilesets folder and you should be done. What's causing you problems specifically?
  15. drinkerofmilk

    Can't Save in RPG maker XP

    Are you still able to enter the save menu, just that it doesn't save? Or does the save game event no longer work in it's entirety?

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