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    RMMZ Debugger in RPG Maker MZ?

    Because when inspecting elements you can inspect all the elements of a website, something that with RPG Maker MZ is impossible, you only have one window, you do not have elements within it that you can select, when debugging the game it simply stops without being able to select anything. Isn't...
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    RMMZ Debugger in RPG Maker MZ?

    It is quite tedious to check the code and not know where it goes many times. I try to use debug mode like in Google Chrome, but unfortunately RPG Maker MZ isn't a web page either. Does anyone know exactly how it debugged or is it not possible?
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    RMMZ Add items using scripting ?

    The lines of code I have added are as follows, although I am not 100% sure if they are correct. I'm also getting used to the Javascript Syntax while tinkering around because I'm a Java student managers.js DataManager.isFood = function(item){ return item && $dataFood.includes(item); }...
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    RMMZ Add items using scripting ?

    I'm experimenting a bit with the RPG Maker MZ code in general to understand its control structures and such, and created a Foods.json file based a bit on Items.json
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    RMMZ Add items using scripting ?

    I have created a items list in the Data folder called Food and I would like to test to see if they work by adding them to the inventory, but I think it could only be done if I create an Event by calling the script or something. In summary Is there a way to add items to inventory using a script?
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    RMMZ Menu Edit ?

    Hi. I've been tinkering with the .js files of MZ to be able to add a new option in the pause menu. Thing is, I've been experimenting a bit with the game files more than the plugins. I've been creating a cook function using the same ItemBase methods that Skills and Item use, but I'm not sure if...
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    Introduction and doubts

    Hi, it's been a while since I registered on this forum for a couple of RPG Maker XP questions about 4 years ago. I have requested that my old account be deleted to avoid problems. Now I come back because I have been studying Java programming for 2 years, and I would like to start my self-taught...
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    Project compiled without files?

    I was about to translate a project when suddenly I saw that the only accessible files in the WWW folder were the savedatas. There is only the .exe and it is fully functional. Can it be decompiled in some way?
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    A question about Copyright

    First of all, I want to say I don't know if this is going here, if this isn't going here, move it. My question is: if I buy resources' music on the RPG Maker's web, will I can upload my game monetized? Thanks :3
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    Friendship system with rgss?

    This question was in this topic, but they said me that I put it in this area I want do a friendship system where to increase the friendship the npcs begin to give you gifts or change you the texts. So, they...
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    Manipulate npcs with RGSS?

    Hi! My question is if its possible manipulate npcs with rgss. I want do a friendship system for npcs, but i don't know how do it. In summary, i don't know how indicate in rgss to the npcs or how to put them. Someone have got any idea?
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    A new spanish in the community :D

    Thanks to everyone for the welcome. I hope to help in what I can ^^
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    A new spanish in the community :D

    Hi rpg's community :D. I'm  Drive and I usually work with RPG Maker XP. I love will be an rgss' expert, so I 'm learning so much. See later!

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