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    updating a game to friends

    I made a game, send it to my friends, but I have to change and add new things. If they have a saved file, will it work?
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    Persona System

    Great job! It is really interesting. Let's see what I can do with it :) I got an error. :/
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    Capture Enemies

    I have a problem with this plugin. When I add an actor with the plugin command "AddActor 1 1", the actor added need 63,279 xp to go to level 2. :/ That's is a lot of exp. Help. Lol.
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    A skill type called: "Rumagic". The intention is Magic with Rum(that pirates drink) Does it...

    A skill type called: "Rumagic". The intention is Magic with Rum(that pirates drink) Does it sound strange in English?
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    What kind of "zero 2" is that? Lol. It Looks cool.

    What kind of "zero 2" is that? Lol. It Looks cool.
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    In Brazil, we say "bolsominion"

    In Brazil, we say "bolsominion"
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    Variable that checks the actor's level

    I've been trying to set a variable that changes each time the actor gains a new level I tried to use control variable = Actor Level. But it didn't work. I tried it differently, changing it to be equal to the MHP, and it worked. :/ It seems that only with levels it doesn't work.
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    Tactics System

    I disable the combat scene animation. But, when the enemy is defeated, I received the message "Type error undefined is not a function" I'd like to use the system without the combat scene animation. Is that possible?
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    Tactics System

    I have one problem. When I set the skill target to "ally" and the skill is executed, the image continues on the screen. So, when I try to select another skill, I can't see, because the selection of the previous skill is there. :(
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    Debug menu

    I downgraded to 1.5.1, and now the debug option is ok. Thanks a lot. Sorry about the confusion. I had some difficulties to try to explain my problem.
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    Debug menu

    Core version: 1.5.1 ( I had checked the project's rpg_core.js file to get this number) Version in the "Help" option= 1.6.2
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    Debug menu

    I checked the "help" option and the version is 1.6.2
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    Debug menu

    So, I checked correctly. I used the help option. I found the option in the plugins Yep_Core Engine. (Print 3). I think this is the option, it is set "true".
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    Debug menu

    Okay. Well, where can I see the editor version? :/ Maybe one version is wrong
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    Debug menu

    My version is 1.6.2.

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