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Weekend Sale Announcement:
Our Roguelike game, Zodiac Hunters (for PC), is now on sale!

When I first gave my gf The Mask Behind the Dream as a present little did I know how much she would fall in love with @averys gnomes. They all now play a major role in our game and I get constantly spammed with fanarts from my girlfriend :D And like the true gothic girl she is, she had to alter the designs a bit, to make them more creepy and dark haha230776-df5feb263d7a7ff294cfb260ee16432c.jpg
Hi sweethearts! :kaoluv: Check out my review of @EntangledPear's totally oldskool The Stuff Fairy Tales Are Made Of!
When you spend all day at work distracted by things you want to work on or try in your project and then by the time you get home, you are too mentally tired to concentrate so you just browse the forum instead and think of more things you won’t get to work on for a while.
Time to write some enemy behaviors, here's the stream link for those interested.

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