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    Question regarding VisuStella STB Battle System Speed calculation

    Hello, I am trying out VisuStella's STB Battle System and am enjoying it a lot so far. I have run into what appears to be an interesting quirk with how speed is calculated, however. I have a Skill which applies a State, and this State causes the affected target's AGI to be reduced by 25%. Now...
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    RMMZ Possibility to Interrupt Enemy Mid-Skill?

    I would really like to have an Actor/Enemy have the ability to interrupt a target mid-Skill and use their Skill first. Essentially, my goal is "I see you moving towards my friend, I am going to hit you first". Ideally, if afterwards the target is still alive / capable of continuing, they do so...
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    Have Enemy Counter-attack whoever hit it?

    Thank you so much! I've figured this out. Your revelation that a Skill's Scope aiming at one side of the field prevents the skill from targeting the other side of the field was key. I created a duplicate Skill to target 1 Ally, just like you mentioned, and this is working. The other issue I had...
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    Have Enemy Counter-attack whoever hit it?

    I have been trying for hours to make this work. I have an enemy that, when hit by any entity (friend or foe) should use a certain Skill on that same entity. I am using VisuStella's AutoSkillTriggers Plugin to make my enemy use a Skill instantly upon being hit. Up until this point it's worked...

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